How To Curl Hair Extensions: Tips & Tricks + Styling Guide

Are performing flawless curls on a hair extension make you tired? Do you want an eye-catching look and failed to get it because of heat damage and uneven curls? Well,  no more worry! We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide addressing all these common problems and revealing ingenious tricks and ways to turn you pro instead of a beginner

Curls that last for a long time at your left-hand game. The tried and tested techniques mentioned in this article make you an expert in dealing with the right curling tools for various extension types, unlocking versatile hairstyles, keeping curls longevity, and giving others the best advice because of your next-level knowledge in curling extensions.

So, please stay connected with our must-read article to embark on the adventure and unlock the potential of curly extensions by knowing how to curl hair extensions perfectly. Ready to get the beautiful curly locks? Just do it.

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Draw up the hair extensions before curling

Hair extensions are the best way to achieve a perfect picture-friendly look. Preparing your extension for curling is an excellent step to attain 100% results. What is the modus operandi of blended extensions? Here, you get the off-stage preparation to get a flawless extension for curling.

1-Make sections of your hair

Curling extensions at once will go prove you wrong, and never be greedy to curl all your locks at once. Always make sections of natural and fake hair, put them on the shoulders on both sides, and brush gently. After that, take a large portion of natural hair and clip it on the top of your crown with crocodile pins and put the extension on the nape of the neck the

2-What extensions hold curls?

Two types of extensions are used to give the ladies a voluminous look. One is human hair, and the other is a synthetic extension. Human hair extensions are made with raw or processed natural hair, so they are heat protectant and react like your own hair, but the artificial extensions are made from nylon or polyester; therefore, they cannot bear too much heat, and heat leads to breakage and itchiness of the scalp. Now, our concern is to curl the extension; in this point of view, having a synthetic extension is better because it holds curls better than a human hair extension. After all, human extensions go oil and catch more dust.

3-Importance of detangling and heat protectant spray

The importance of detangling your extension is to such an extent that the correct application of curling depends on it. We cannot ignore that reality is always authentic, but when you wear fake, its care methods should be increased. Using heat protectant before curling the locks is much the demand of the hair to avoid damage and breakages.

  • Revuele Heat Protectant Spray is the best solution for making the hair damage-free and healthy.
  • You can also own good quality heat protectant spray from the local market, drugstore, or beauty salons.
  • Try your best to apply any spray 6 inches away from the hair.
  • Start the detangling process from the roots, not from the crown part.

We advise using Lily England Detangling Brush and Wide-tooth Comb Set to make detangling a fun activity

How to curl hair extensions with heat (quick and easy transformation)

Creating an instant look by using heating tools could be a fun option. Now, having mastered the method and curling procedure, let’s know about them.

How to curl hair extensions with heat a quick transformation

1- Let your hair entirely dry

After preparing the extension for application onto your natural hair, the first and foremost thing you should do is dry your extension or natural hair thoroughly. It could be done with a hair dryer or natural air because wet dry may miss fluffiness and volume

2- Section your hair in a small proportion

For defined curls, wrap a 1-inch section of hair around the curling iron. The best heat method of curling hair is at one side of the head and then on the remaining sides

  • After curling a few sections, mix/blend it with natural hair properly to hide the extension.
  • Wielding GHD Curling Tong is the suggestion for big curls and soft waves (32mm)

3- Enclose the strand on the curling iron/wand carefully

Curling the hair should start from the temple, then go to the back of the head to another temple. Always try to push the curler down and out from the hair for better results

  • Never be harsh in pushing the iron tightly from the hair
  • Be careful not to touch the hot area of the curler to avoid burning your fingers
  • Trying to achieve tight curls? Wrap the hair tightly. Just wrapping it firmly, not tugging and pushing it.

4- Hold the lock for 6-7 seconds

Want to prevent the extension from drying and damaging? Try to hold curls for up to 10 seconds because synthetic extensions may hold curls very fastly. Releasing the loops from the iron must be gentle, and then hold the lock in your hand at the upward position.

  • Pin up your curled lock with the safety pin and be surprised to see the sudden results.
  • Extensive extension-saver advice is to set your styling tools at low temperatures between 250-350 Fahrenheit to avert damage.

5- Repeat the process on the rest of the hair

Repeat the curling technique on the remaining hair. Always notice the position in this way, which I mean if you make curls that were inward to your face and now you are making curls that are in an outward place, it will never present an alluring look.

Using a curling iron differently to make distinct curls are possible because of inspiring techniques to hold it

6- Hair spray or setting lotion is the key to voluminous curls

Whenever your body and soul are relaxed and happy on the desired curls, make your extension spray it because changing hairstyle and superintending would be complicated after spreading the spray.

  • Sea salt sprays on extensions are not a good choice- It dries the hair fastly.
  • Always sprinkle spray after curling when it gets appropriately cooled and has no heat.
    Our top-pick recommendations to hold curls are:
  • Taft Mega Styling Gel Maximum Hold
  • Lottabody setting lotion
  • Chi Enviro 54 Natural Hold Hairspray

How to curl extensions: Tricks to do it without heat

Tips to Curl extensions without heat

If you have fear, like most girls, of losing your precious attachment due to other applications of heating tools, our sympathy is with you. Heating tools give you a hot look instantly but, simultaneously, are desirable to destroy your lovely extension within 2 minutes.

Here you can discover many curling tools used without fun, so learn how to curl hair extensions without heat in a bit-by-bit guide and related tools used for curling hair flawlessly.

1-Curling headbands

Curling headbands trick to curl hair extension

Getting a millionaire in one night is not possible, but gaining fabulous curls within one night is possible, and this could be possible with the correct handling of curling headbands. All you need to do is put on the band after making two sections of hair and tie it tightly and be lost in your dreams and get perfect curls without heat in the morning. Our suggestion is Kitsch Satin Heatless Curling Set.

2- Flexi curling rod

Flexi curling rod tips and tricks

Do you want to get super manageable curls within a few hours? Then, the flexi curling rod is meant for you. It is the shortest form of a flexible rod. They are super-soft, rubbery, and stretchy.

Its usage is simple: tightly wrap one section of hair around the curling rod from the bottom to the scalp. Then, bend both edges of the rod inwardly on the scalp, leave them for a few hours, and embrace the curly locks warmly.

  • One thing to remember is that dry hair is the condition to use only. Otherwise, rods may get slipped from their place.
  • For tighter curls, use a rod with a 0.5-inch size, but if you are interested in looser curls rod with a 1-inch length is perfect.
  • Diane Twist-Flex Rods is the super-excited choice.

3- Velcro rollers

Velcro rollers for culr extensions

Have an efficacy to get a million followers on TikTok or Instagram with your voluminous curls? Utilize Velcro rollers. Start the process by washing the extension and blow dry the hair properly, then make two sections of hair and spray on the desired area where you want to apply Velcro rollers. They can give you a different look in case of inward or outward rolling. Always do your best to keep them 20-30 minutes break

  • Add smaller rollers in the front area while larger and big rollers are on the back for big curls.
  • Its prudent usage and not aggressive pulling will save the extension from damage

4- Do braid at night and get spacious curls in the morning

A braid is the perfect solution for attaining curls without heat. Make many sections of braids on both sides and get more results because it will make curls super trendy within a night.

  • For better outcomes, apply hair gel before braiding.
  • Apply Syoss Shampoo on your extension’s hair to make them shiny and eye-capturing.

5-Curl formers and Foam rollers

Curl formers and Foam rollers to curl hair extension

These golden tools for curling hair are old but dead in the present time yet. For this method, take sections of hair to apply these tools, give your extension rest for 1-2 hours, and get amazed by the consequence. Always buy a curl former of 8 inches size for short hair and 22 inches for extra-long hair. Babyliss Thermo-ceramic roller is the most selling option. If you want a defined curl, some super advice is to use foam rollers on wet hair

What kind of curls can be best for extensions? Ready to apply styles list

Adding elegance to your style is 2 minutes away, and you can unlock the various and correct usage of heating tools for making meritorious looks. Let’s start your expensive and dull extension with a new transformation look by applying these curls to them

Hair types to curl hair extension

Remember this pattern and make your extension a good shape with knowledge.

1- Beach waves

Beach waves are a fun idea for instant transformation with the help of Waver, an older crimper type. This style is worth long hair because it is named a mermaid also—a zero-effort summer style not for the beach only but an epitome of every event.

Beach waves style

2- Hollywood waves

Waves are the traditional way to attract fellows and make an S-shape. Are you Going to a party or a wedding? This style makes you the show’s topper by making much noticeable by your elegant style. A very soft and sleeky hairdo that most celebrities follow in their routine. Just google for the adequate usage of curling iron and shine spray to get an imaginable design.

Hollywood waves type of curled hair extension

3- Soft and squashy curls

Want to hold a romantic vibe? This style of extensions or natural hair is relaxed and remarkable. This look is easy using a curling iron/wand or curls former if you go without the heating method. A versatile and effortless look is looking for you. Try it with a clip-in ponytail hair extension by giving soft curls to the ends

tips and tricks to do Soft and squashy curls

4- Ribbon curls

A romantic hairstyle is mostly followed on wedding nights. Take the curling iron near the roots for this perfect gorgeous style. Hold the iron vertically and downward by muffling the barrel in a spiral motion. Wait for a few seconds and put hair spray on your extension and natural hair to get the results.

Ribbon curls style

5- Loose and lazy curls

Ought you to have a relaxed appearance with a gentle wave-like pattern? You can own it using thicker curling iron of 2′ or above—a perfect blending of casual and carefree hairstyle.

After the hairstyle, spritz Chi Enviro 54 Natural Hold Hair spray to lock the curls

Loose and lazy curls style

6- Big bouncy curls

A flawless big, and classy hairstyle of the ’90s but followed by most celebrities nowadays to give their natural and fake hair a volume. Try to do it with Velcro rollers by implementing it on the wet or sprayed hair and give it rest for a few hours, and here you go

Tips and tricks to do Big bouncy curl

7- Tousled bouncy curls

A messy or youthful hairstyle gives a textured, lively, and playful appearance. It is a good hairdo for both short and long hair. Wish to attain it with a braid? Is this possible? Yeah! But to do it with the heatless method of the braid to own it

Tousled bouncy curls style

8- Shirley Temple curl

Do you search for Shirley Temple, a girl with 56 locks of hair on her head during the great depression time? This style also become versatile and recognizable now times and for kinky hair. A timeless, iconic, vibrant, and versatile culture awaits you.

shirley temple curl

Styling tips for holding a curl on extensions

Enhancing the personality with a little effort is possible through curly hair. It adds confidence, feminine, romantic, and attention-grabbing texture to the hair. But all the dreamlike elements go wrong in case your extension never holds curls. So, I want to know a fact: How do I get my extension to hold a curl? Here are some styling techniques and hack for your interest.

  • Choose High-quality Extension of human hair
  • Hair spray will be the best curl saver
  • Keeping extensions in a dry and cool place to avoid damaging
  • Pin the curl up after making curls with Remi Cachet Sectioning Clips

All questions answered

Can Halo extensions be curled?

Halo extension is the thick weft of hair that looks like your natural hair, and extensions are made from real human hair with a thin clear fishing line. You can curl the Remy or the best synthetic halo-hair extension with heating tools like a curling iron and wand.

How to curl synthetic hair extensions?

Synthetic hair extensions are made from polyester or nylon, so be careful using heating tools. For curls, spray a small section of hair with a curling wand (heatless methods like headbands and Velcro rollers), and spray, spray, and a lot of sprays to get the curls in its place.

Are the wigs-making companies recycling the expired units for further use?

Not a recommended behavior. Wigs worn by others may not be sanitary, as they may harbor bacteria or other contaminants. However, it is important to carefully inspect the wig to ensure it is clean and in good condition before using it. If the wig is soiled, damaged, or otherwise not suitable for use, it is best to dispose of it and purchase a new wig.

What is the best hair curler for extensions?

Philips BHB862 00 Hair Curler wins the race in finding the best hair curler for natural and synthetic hair extensions because of its fast-flowing and shiny results.

Can I curl my short hair?

Curling on short haircuts like pixie hair is not suggested because you will lose more length, and your hair will be quicker and have a less fascinating look.

Can curling damage the hair?

Availing too many styling tools may damage the natural and extension hair and make them dull, frizz, and dry, but using the best heat protectant can save the moisture of your hair. The best name is Wella Professional Eimi Thermal Image Heat protectant spray.

Is buying curly extensions better than having curls daily?

Are you among those working women girls with less time to play curls with extensions daily? Then pre-styled curly extensions are made to assist you. Saving time and effort could be so easy. Voila!

What heating tools may you use for curling the extensions?

Heating tools for curling are the instant way to ravishing looks. You can give your hair a new transfiguration with these curling tools.

  • Curling iron
  • Curling wand
  • Hot air brush
  • Steam curling iron
  • Triple barrel waver
  • Hot rollers
Can I use hair extension with thin hair?

Yes, If your hair is thick you can use extensions to hide thin hair and empower your confidence

Covering it up

Hoping so, you discover tricks and hacks to curl extensions through heating and heatless methods. Choosing hairstyle and tools is up to your personal choice, but always continue the learning process journey. Have a joyful day!

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