The Ultimate Guide: Hiding Hair Extensions in Thin Hair Like a Pro

how to hide hair extensions in thin hair -detail guide

Are you feeling infantile by putting too much effort into concealing your hair?

Are you afraid to be caught that you wear a hair extension to hide your baldness?

Baldness could be an irritating and severe problem if it is not properly taken off, but if all efforts to deal with it are in vain, don’t put your mind into troubleshooting because we are here to cope with all these problems. In this article, we will provide you with the best information to make you a pro in using hair extensions and also make you an expert in “How to hide hair extensions in very thin hair?”

Now, before further going through the tricks and pro tips, we must have a piece of close information about some of these aspects

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What are hair extensions?

A hair weave or hair extension is a source to give you confidence. It is synthetic or natural hair, either glued, tapped in, or clipped. They are specially designed to deal with baldness and hide thin hair by giving volume and fullness to hair. The two categories of hair extension are

Synthetic hair extension Human hair extension
Made with nylon, acrylic, or polyester
Made with raw or processed real human hair
Much cheaper
Demands heavy budget
More resistant to outside weather
May ruin soon in a dusty environment
Light in weight
For extra thin hair
For fine and thick hair

How to blend extension in hair step by step guide

5 Steps to hide extension in thin hair

Master the Art of Hiding Hair Extensions: 6 Essential Tips for Flawless Blending

Looking flawless is everyone’s right, but if your mind is stuck on how to perfectly blend or hide your extension without anyone’s noticing, we designed an article to give you 100% worthy information by hearing all the issues you have to deal with during this condition.

1- Investing in a correct color extension

So always be first to know the techniques to hide the extension; you will need to determine the right color. Hair extension comes in various colors but does not buy the color that suits your colleague or friend because your hair color may differ from others, so always try to purchase an extension that best matches your natural hair.

Tip: Match your extension to the ends of your natural hair, not the base.

Dyeing could be a surprisingly good idea for transforming your look. If you like to have a blonde extension and you have naturally brown, hair dyeing could give you the joy of wearing your favorite hair extension.

2- Right hair texture

Can you put an extension a short hair? Yes! You can. But stop. Do you know: What texture your natural strands have? Is your hair curly, wavy, straight, or kinky curly? To hide and blend extensions with your natural tresses, you must also have good hair texture knowledge.

For instance, if you have super curly hair and own a sleek and straight extension, it will never create a natural harmony between natural and fake fur. So, be smart in choosing the best extension for styling. 

3- Manage your wefts superbly

Being successful in the world of extensions, be a master in creating a solid base for your wefts, which is an excellent way to feel secure, and you can hide your extensions significantly. How can you make a base for the extensions? Let’s go to know.

  • Hair sprays: To hide your extension better in your hair, you need hair sprays to spritz on the roots to make a base for the wefts.
  • Tail comb: Making hair sections to pile extensions could be easy with a tail comb rather than a regular comb because of its sharp ending edges for fine parting.
  • Volumizing powder: Volumizing powder can make your hair fluffier and livelier because its active ingredients coat the natural strand and are suitable for making an extra-hold base for the extension.
  • Detangler: Detanglers in the market are introduced to manage hair and pour life into the hair. Using a detangler before applying extension is an excellent way to present yourself more naturally.

Tip: After making sure where you want more volume, prep your hair, make two parts of them, lift one piece, and backcomb the lower part to make extensions free from slipping. Always play some work on natural hair and do experiments with different weft positions to give a natural look.

4- Do you notice your hair density?

Hair density means how much hair you have on your head. It may be thick, exemplary, or thin. This is a particular point you must be clear about because if you have naturally very thin and short hair and you buy a very long and heavy extension, it never looks gorgeous but is a burden on your natural hair. For very thin hair, we recommend using a 100g clip-in or tape-in extension, and a pro tip is that 18-inch and 22-inch extensions will be the two best options for your thin hair.

5- Tools helping to hide extension in thin hair

Many tools help hide hair weaves in thin hair, and the actual application of these instruments will make the day your day. The essential tool is correctly using a hair curler or curling iron. With the help of a curler, you can create bondage between your natural or fake hair. We suggest trying Session Instant Heat Tong (32mm) to give extra fluffiness and an Indique heat guard to protect your hair from damage and breakage. Another tip is to straighten your natural hair, curl the extension hair, and blend for seamless looks. Using a hair dryer at your perspective and technique will blend the extension well with your hair.

6- Pick-up 7-star extension

Choosing an extension according to the natural strand perfectly blends happiness and tranquility. If you have thin hair but buy Asian-type hair, it’s means your scalp will face too much irritation and tension. Do you want a heavy look by putting too many locks while having thin hair? Attaining results without noticing consequences destroys the actual thing. So, always self-assess your hair strands and the number of strands you require to hide your extension.

How do hair extensions work for thin hair? Mistakes to avoid

Hair extensions give credence to males and females because a tender hairstyle is on everyone’s hands. Correct usage allows one to transform her personality at a meager cost. But all the pros turn to cons because of these bullshits, so avoid these mistakes while hiding your extension in thin hair.

1- Placing the extension closer to the scalp

The trouble starts when you place your extension too near to your scalp to attain a more natural look. Despite natural flow, you can easily be caught wearing extensions to give volume to your hair

2- Extension is inserted on top

Putting an extension on the crown area is a big mistake to keep off. When this method is done, a lot of friction happens on the crown, resulting in intense hair fall on the front area of the hairline.

3- Freshly washed extensions

There is no big blessing other than fresh water for hair, but I bet it is true in the case of natural hair but trying to do it on your artificial strands means you are working poorly with your hands. If your hair is squeaky clean, it means there is always a worrying factor of slipping your extension. To remove it, use hair spray or provide a base to extensions while teasing the weave

Tip: An extension on the third washing day will be perfect to put in and show your personality.

4- Too many wefts

Laying down an extra number of wefts never gives you extra hold but puts attrition on your scalp. To avoid hysteria, try to put 1-2 wefts on both sides of the temple and do it in an issuant position to hide the extension in thin hair

5- Ignoring baby hair

If, like many of us have too short hair and wear extensions, your baby’s hair can unfold the fact. Concealing these babies’ hair with a twist-and-turn method using bobby pins could be ravished.

Secret hacks to hide your extension in very thin hair

Hair extensions are the best solution to add volume and adopt pompous hair looks to feel superior among a group of people.

Here, we designed some nitty-gritty secret tips and tricks to make extensions less noticeable under your natural hair

1- Crimp, yeah! Not more backcombing

Are you a big fan of backcombing? 80 out of 100 people are not in favor of backcombing. In the previous techniques, we mentioned that teasing your hair could provide you with a strong base for the wefts, but if you are a hater of backcombing, crimp your hair. Achieving natural, short, wavy, curly, delicate, and crinkle hairstyles could be done by crimping. Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold Crimping Iron could beat the day.

2- Blending could be a game changer

If your hair is in layers and very short in length and you buy a long hair wig, or if the natural hair is curly, but you buy a straight extension, never mourn the mistake. These all could be done by delicate blending. Using manageable tools and tricks, you need to create a link between natural and fake hair.

3- Get your extension trimmed

Are you facing poor hair health? Thin hair is every woman’s problem nowadays, but this snag could be solved by putting too many wefts on the temple and nape of the neck. The 100grm weight is best if you have short and thin hair, but if one loves to have a rugged look, 150-200grm will be quintessential for her. Purchasing a heavy wig and getting it trimmed by a hairdresser could be a good idea you can go with. A flawless technique is to trim your uneven hair from a stylist; however, blending it with natural hair would be difficult.

Taking off this process at home, you may need:

  • Hair dryer
  • Best scissors for cutting
  • Tail comb
  • Detangler

4- Invest a heavy- bucket in short curly extensions

Yeah, dear! It is a good way of hiding the extensions and saving time in trimming your weave for a good look.

The short curly extension will give you a voluminous look in case of uneven layers underneath.

Molefi Brazilian Funmi Hair Loose Wave is a 4.5-star rating brand on Amazon. This is a recommended short curly extension, made of 100% raw human hair to give you a fuller and more attractive deem. 

Any problem yet, let’s have a look at this video for a better understanding:


How can I disguise wearing an extension?

Extensions can easily be concealed without anyone noticing. This could happen by taking a 2cm section of the extension, making a ponytail, and wrapping it around your pony to add volume and cover thin hair.

Is my hair too thin for an extension?

Fine hair means less thickness, while thin hair means baldness and a head’s skin appearance. If you have a healthy and hydrating scalp, you can easily hold too many extensions, even with thin hair.

Can I wear an extension on the crown part because of thin hair?

Extensions in hairpieces, toppers, and hair integration could be best for ladies with trouble with thin hair

Is bead extensions help you hide thin hair?

Yes! Have these extensions without worrying to be exposed. You must be focused on the advantages like its featherweight, customized size, natural flow, and much volume and hurry up to get them. The flare bead extensions could win the game of making people happy by merging fake and natural hair and hiding thinning hair.

Which hair extension is best for camouflage thinning hair?

Among many hair extensions that are used for hiding thin hair, bead extension with hand tied weft method is best because of its semi-permanent application. Every extension like halo hair, tape-in, and clip-in has distinct positive aspects and depends on clients’ taste.


Hair extensions are the best solution to hide thin hair and manage your stress of being ashamed of less hair. Applying tricks and implementing secret hacks in your life make you a champ.

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