How to choose the right black and blonde wig

The genes of the person settle the color of hair. It depends upon the production of the melanin pigment that is responsible for determining hair color. Hair color depends upon the quantity of melanin produced in the body.

However, every person is born with different shades of hair color. Some people don’t like their hair color, so people go for dyeing and coloring their hair to obtain the desired color. The dyeing and coloring of hair is a sensitive process involving different chemicals and bleaching that damage the natural hair.

In the past, people used wigs to represent their social status, while others were used for hiding baldness or hair loss. Nowadays, people buy wigs to add volume and get the desired shade without coloring natural hair. Some people don’t want to buy a wig of only one color. Like human hair, they want the wig to look more realistic and natural. Streaking and highlighting the hair is in trend. The black and blond wig is the best option.

Transiting the hair color from dark to light is the process that damages the hair even faster. It involves two main procedures. Firstly, it removes hair’s natural color and imparts a new color to it, ultimately weakening it to the stage of increased hair fall.

So, a Black and blond wig is the most appealing for people of all ages who want to avoid hair damage.

Black and blond hair wig contrasts dark and light colors, giving you a bold look. These types of wigs complement every skin tone because of their diverse ranges of shades.

If you are conscious about the health of your hair and don’t want to go to the salon or want to use any chemicals to achieve the black and blonde dye of your hair, you must buy the wigs. These are known in a tremendous range of shades. Each shade has its uniqueness and enhances your personality. Also, the wig can protect your natural hair from any dye or chemicals.

Some women can easily get affected by chemicals used in the hair dye, while others don’t want to test any bleach on their hair. Some women are very particular about their hair health, but at the same time, they get bored with their natural hair color. For enhancing the look of personality, wigs are the best options. Black and blonde wigs have contrast in a variety of shades that prevent you from highlighting or streaking your hair.

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Some most popular shades of black and blonde wigs

Black and blond wigs are present in plenty of shades. Some of the considerably famous shades are given below;

Black and blond wig with (bangs

Black and bonde with bangs guide

The wig color is divided into two parts at the middle of the head. One part is black, while the further has a blond shade. That gives you a unique look.

Black Color Wig with blonde streaks

Black Color Wig with blonde streaks popular shades of black and blonde wig

The wig gives you a bossy look suitable for every skin complexion. The wig has a black base color with a streak of shades of blonde. If you are the one who loves streaking, then this black and blond wig is definitely for you.

Blond color wig with black roots

Blond color wig with black roots

Again, this black and blond wig has a dark black root and blond hair. The wig looks so natural, and people with darker complexion love to wear it more.

Ash Blond color wig with black roots:

Ash Blond wig color with black roots

The black and blond wig gives you a realistic appearance with its dark black color roots, with the hair giving a hint of color grey by creating a cooled ashy shade. The wig hair’s surface looks like a Platinum shade with darker roots, adding dimensions and giving a realistic feel. This black and blond wig shade is suitable for every type of clothing that creates a bold and hot look.

Platinum shade of black and blond wig

Platinum shade of Black and blonde wig ppular wig shade

One of the most demanded shades of black and blond wig is Platinum. A black and blond wig with platinum shade is the most popular shade ever. It is appropriate for warm and cool skin tones.

Honey Blond wig with black root:

Honey blonde with black root wig

The black and blond wig with honey resembles a golden shade that hints of chestnut, Amber blond, light brown, or red. The black and blond wig with honey shade is warm, but don’t confuse it with brassy or orange.

Which is the best hair material for black and blonde wigs

There are a variety of black and blond hair wigs present that are made of different hair materials. To buy a black and blond wig, you should know which hair material you must believe in. Although there are several types of hair materials present with different price ranges. Discover the wig prices by their quality 

Black and blonde wig made of Synthetic hair

Black and blonde wigs made with Synthetic hair are the cheapest because Synthetic hair is caused by fiber and has less manufacturing cost. However, the hair is made of artificial fiber, so they don’t last long and can easily get tangled, which spoils the wig. It requires maintenance to use it for a longer run. It has an average lifespan of 6 months if placed with proper care. It’s recommended to buy a black and blonde hair wig made of Synthetic hair because of its lower price and gives you practice wearing the wig.

Black and blond wig made of human hair

Black and blond wigs made of human hair are expensive because they are made of natural hair. Black and blond wigs from human hair last for years because of their high hair quality. The wig gives you the most realistic shine and look. If you want to wear a wig daily or want your wig to last longer, go for a black and blond wig made of human hair.

Black and blond wig made with animal hair

Some black and blond wigs are made of animal hair and are more expensive than Synthetic hair wigs. It lasts a little longer than the synthetic hair wig.

How can I choose the black and blond wig shade?

When choosing the black and blond wig, the factors that should be kept in mind are the color of the eyes and skin tone, followed by the reason and lifestyle of the person. The fair girls should go for lighter shades of blonde, while the girls with darker complexion choose the darker shades of Blond with the black root.

Black vs Blond, which hair wig color is the most attractive?

According to one survey, almost 31.5% of people think a blond hair wig is more attractive, while 28.5 people consider the brunette wig color stunning. Only 15.5% of people believe black wigs are gorgeous, while the remaining half have no specific preference.

People who don’t have any preferences on choosing the wig color should go for the black and blond wig of different shades as these shades are suitable for all skin complexion, giving you a bold appearance with a charming personality.

The celebrities who rock the floor by wearing a black and blond wig


Ciara black and blonde wig

She’s just rocking her black and blond wig on the runway.

Tia Mowry

Tia Mowry in black and blonde wig

She’s killing the fans with her hot look achieved by a black and blond wig that has dark roots with dye hair shade.

Cynthia Erivo

Cynthia Erivo in wig

Her black and blond wig with darker roots and blond tips won the heart of her fans.


beyonce in Black and blonde wig

Beyonce looks remarkably gorgeous, wearing a black and blond wig of honey shade.

Selena Gomez

selena-gomez in black and blonde wig

She is vibing in a black and blond wig.

What are the things to notice before buying the best black and blonde wig?

Before buying the black and blond wig, you must read the product description. If the wig is claimed to be heat resistant, easy to manage, and non-tangible, then the wig is of good quality.

Can the Black women wear a black and blonde wig?

Of course, Black women can wear a black and blonde wig; these shades complement every skin tone, giving you a fresh and bold look. Women with high melanin production must try black and blond wigs because darker roots provide a soft look that blends with bright features, giving them more confidence.

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