Breaking Down Wig Costs: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

how much does a wig cost-detail guide

With the changing world, the wig has become an important icon to fulfill the beauty and fashion standards of the modern world. With the help of wigs, hundreds of thousands of men and women save themselves from false judgments of people. Wigs enhance the confidence of the person suffering from bad hair fall or baldness and protect the natural hair. At the same time, styling required different chemicals and heat treatments, damaging natural hair.

Celebrities widely use wigs in the fashion industry to achieve different styles. Celebrities prefer to wear a wig because they don’t want their natural hair damaged due to excessive use of heat and chemical agents that cause severe hair loss and baldness. While people wear wigs for various reasons, hair loss is one of the main issues. Women often wear a wig to hide their thin hair, enhancing their confidence. If you are new to buying a wig and need more experience in the field, this article is for you. This article gives you a quick review of the wigs, wig hair types, wig cap types, and their sources with prices.

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How to identify good vs. bad quality wigs?

It’s elementary to identify the quality of the wig. If the wig is smooth when you touch it and does not easily get tangled. Goods are easy-to-go style. One of the best qualities of a good wig is that it doesn’t look fake when you wear it. Last but not least, the lifespan of every type of wig varies, depending on the quality of the hair. So, the perfect wig may retain its quality throughout its lifespan.

Bad wigs are made from low-quality material and feel dry during touch. The hair of the wig feels the texture of straw. Due to this, a bad wig is demanding to style and is a bit uncomfortable to wear. Bad wigs can easily get tangled and shed effortlessly and are not long-lasting.

Make an idea of how much a wig should cost.

The price range of wigs varies from 100$ to even 2000$. Some wigs are even more expensive, but basic wigs are cheaper and may cost you less than 100$. They are luxurious and elegant wigs present in the market with very high quality, making the price range starting from 4000$ to even more. The price of wigs depends on quality. Average and basic quality wigs are cheaper, while excellent wigs are always expensive and long-lasting.

How to Rank the hair quality of a wig

Wigs made from Virgin human hair rank 1st in quality
Wigs made from Remy human hair rank 2nd in quality
Wigs made from non-Remy human hair rank 3rd in quality
Wigs made from Blend human hair rank 4th in quality
Wigs made from animal hair rank 5th in quality

What are the determinants of wig price?

The price of a wig is established on the following factors;

  • The type of hair utilized.
  • The sources of hair
  • What’s the length of a wig
  • How has the wig been made?
  • The features of wig

These are the main determinants to get a basic idea of the wig’s price. Let’s start discussing them one by one.

The types of hair used

Wearing a wig is an outdated convention; people used to wear it to introduce their social status. In contrast, this practice was prevalent among bald people suffering from hair loss, lice, or other scalp conditions.

The first wig ever created by using horse and goat hair. Ancient Egyptians used resin and beeswax to hold it in place on the cap. Wigs had also made from wool, human hair, or plant thread. Some animal hair-based wigs used to be attacked by parasites and contained very bad redolence.

Thanks to advanced technology and high hygiene care that has made us neat, clean, and realistic wigs, we no longer need any resin or beeswax to hold them. Now we don’t have to face any parasite attacks and so on. Wig has become an integral part of the fashion industry and an everyday part of the lives of all-common men and women out there.

Nowadays, wigs are made from different types of hair. Like;

 The price range of Synthetic hair wig

synthetic hair wig price guide

Synthetic wigs that are made of fiber, such as nylon or acrylic, are budget-friendly and cheap instead of natural human hair. They are cheap because of the affordable manufacturing process. A synthetic hair wig is the best choice because you don’t have to wear it daily because of its high tendency to get tangled. If you want a budget-friendly wig, go for a synthetic wig because it doesn’t require high maintenance and last for almost six months in an estimated price range of 20 $ – 150 $, which isn’t a burden on a pocket.

Price Range of Human hair wig

price range of human hair wig

Human hair wigs are pricey because they are made from the natural hair of humans. This wig is considered the most realistic because of its high quality. These wigs last for a more extended period if appropriately taken care of wigs. A human hair wig is the right choice if you want to wear a wig daily. These wigs resist heat, dye, or any other chemical agent. An estimated price starts from 600$ & to even more, depending on the quality of the hair. There are two kinds of human hair wigs

 Non-Remy Human Hair wig

non-Remy human hair has been collected from different sources. In other words, it has various donors. Because different humans give the hair, their cuticles are misaligned. This natural hair goes through processing to smooth its texture and reduce tangling. This results in lowering the quality of hair.

 Remy Human hair wig

Remy human hair has one donor, so the hair cuticles have one direction and don’t need to be stripped. This type of human hair is not tangled too much. Remy human hair wig is more expensive

The price range of Virgin Hair Wig

The price range of virgin hair wig

A single donor donates this wig hair. This hair wig is very expensive and causes you to pay thousands of dollars because it’s never gone through processing, dying or bleaching, or even been stripped. This hair has the best quality and lasts for even years.

The price range of Blend human hair wig

The price range of blend human hair wig

These wigs are a blend of human hair and synthetic hair. That helps to give your wig a more realistic look. That is why it is more costly than synthetic wigs. It can cost you around 50$ to 200$

Price Range of Animal hair wig

animal hair wig price

These wigs are made from the hair of sheep, goats, and horses. Nowadays, it is mixed with human hair to increase its shelf life and durability.

Which hair source of the wig is the most expensive?

Countries like Brazil, Malaysia, and India are engaged in contributing to the wig and fashion market. The hair of Indians is considered to be the most expensive one. India is one of the biggest countries providing virgin hair for wig making. Indian hair has the highest quality.

How the length of the wig determines its price?

The short-length wigs are cheaper than the longer ones since less material is required for manufacturing the wig. In the case of a long-length wig, let’s take an example of a synthetic wig where manufacturers need to arrange more fabric to make a long-length wig, and the same goes with wigs made from other materials such as human hair or animal hair, etc. It is evident that if you want an extended wig length, you will have to pay more. You can read more about wig lengths

How the wig cap determines its worth?

Wigs have different caps; each has a characteristic that fits customers’ demands. Due to the particular design and elements of the wig cap, it is divided into diverse price ranges. Let’s discuss step by step about each wig cap

The price range of polyurethane wig (PU)

polyurethane wig price

 It’s made up of fabulous material like skin onto which the hair is attached, giving a very realistic hairline. The only reason it’s less expensive is that it has a very unnatural thick baseline that makes you uncomfortable. Its estimated price range is around 99$-350$.

The price range of Lace wigs

lace wig price

 It has wide varieties like 360 lace, HD lace, full lace, lace front, or silk top. These help the scalp to breathe and are mostly hand-tied. The lace front cost 70$ – 100$. 360 lace wig costs you around 250$-850$. At the same time, full lace wigs can cost you thousands of dollars.

The price range of available weft wigs

weft hair wig prices

 These machine-made wigs are of cheap quality and can fast-shell out everywhere. These wigs have no lace. It has a price range of 35$ to 750$

How is the wig manufacturing process determining its price?

The worth of the wig is also based on different manufacturing techniques. Some wigs have wig caps using glue, or sewn wigs, while others are hand-knotted.

 The price range of Hand knotted wigs

Price range of hand knotted wig

The wigs made by these methods are the most expensive ones. The tiny holes are made through which the hair strands are passed. This requires time as well as focus. These are the most realistic-looking wigs and are best used for styling hair. It can cost you around 3000$.

The price range of sewn wigs

These wigs are prepared by sewing the hair strands on the wig’s cap. These are machine-made wigs and are cheaper than hand-knotted wigs.

 The price range of Glued wigs

 These are cheaper than hand-knotted wigs, which can be made using glue. Glue is used to attach the hair strand to the cap


What's the difference between a Virgin hair wig and a Remy hair wig?

Virgin hair wig has only one hair donor so is Remy’s hair wig. The only difference between these two is that the virgin hair wig has not gone through any processes while the Remy hair wig has gone through chemical techniques like bleaching and dye, and due to this, the hair becomes weak. A virgin hair wig has the best hair quality than Remy’s hair wig and lasts even years.

What’s the difference between a cheap wig and a pricy one?

The pricy wigs have the best hair quality and are manufactured in a way that looks more realistic, natural, and easy to wear. In contrast, cheap wigs must be more accurate and made of synthetic hair.

Are Human hair worth the price?

Yes, wigs made of human hair have the best quality. They look too natural, are comfortable to wear, and last for even years. That’s why these wigs are worth buying.

How long do I need to wear a wig?

You can wear a wig for a whole long day. Taking the wig off before you go to bed for sleep is recommended because it can cause discomfort.

Do I want to Style my hair?

You can style your hair if you like. Most people wear wigs to style and protect their hair from heat damage and chemical agents like dying and bleaching.

Will I maintain my wig?

Yes! You can maintain the condition of your wig if you protect it from tangling, wash it when needed, and take proper hygiene care.

Will a human hair wig help me to feel my worth?

Yes! Human hair wigs are the most realistic wigs that give you the feel of natural hair, comfort, and confidence.

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