How much is a wig Install? Unveiling the costs

Learn how much it costs for a wig install? or how can you reduce its cost?

Hey, curious! If you are tired of searching for how much it costs for a wig install? or how can you reduce its cost? Then worry not! I have the correct answers for you. This article will help you in exploring the prices and will show you different ways of saving your money.

As a wig-wearer and a wig-lover, I can tell that it can be very frustrating when it comes to the wig installation. Back in the days, when I was relatively new to this field, I remember a lot of confused clients who used to be worried about the costs. The same thought popped up in my head last week with a bunch of nostalgic memories, and I thought, why not write an article about it!

Let us first go through the basic concepts. What is a wig install? As the name refers, it is the process through which a wearer can attach and secure their wig onto their head. It is often comprised of cutting the wig, adjusting the hairline for a realistic look, or maybe, getting the wig colored.

Many techniques and ways depend on the look a wig wearer prefers. The experts make sure that the wig stays on.

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Where can you get your wig installed?

Well! The solution depends on the cost that you are able to afford. You can either get it installed at a hair salon from a professional, call a professional stylist at home, or install it yourself and save some money.

Now that we are discussing the cost, let me answer what makes a wig install costly. Interesting question, isn’t it?

What affects the cost of a wig install?

Type of your wig

Well! Your wig type will alter the installation cost, whether you believe it or not.

A synthetic hair wig will cost somewhere between $50 to $300.

A synthetic hair wig will cost somewhere between $50 to $300.

A Human hair wig will cost somewhere between $150 to $300

A Human hair wig will cost somewhere between $150 to $300.

A Remy Human hair wig will cost somewhere between $500 to $700

A Remy Human hair wig will cost somewhere between $500 to $700.

A Virgin Human hair wig will cost somewhere between $500 to $1200

A Virgin Human hair wig will cost somewhere between $500 to $1200.

Type of your wigStyling

The more you prefer styling, the more you will have to pay, such as bleaching or plucking the hairline. These services require not only your money but your time as well.


Method of Installation

Well! If you’re looking for adhesive processes, the glue will require specific products to increase the cost. Even sewing methods and gel methods also require special effects and tools.

Cost of Tools

The tools you need to install your wig can cost somewhere between $200 and $300. These tools include wig caps, needles, tweezers, alcohol pads, developer, shampoo, elastic bands, scissors, wig tape, makeup sponge, razor, etc.

However, many of these tools can be used for a long time. Do not make the mistake of throwing away reusable tools such as scissors as it is going to cost you. So, if you are looking to get a wig install by yourself, then you have to make this investment once in a while.


The cost also depends on the stylist you prefer. Hair stylists who are experienced and highly skilled will cost you more.


The location of the preferred salon also alters the installation cost. If a salon is situated in the US prime areas, it will cost you more.

What is the average cost?

To give you a general idea, I have a list below that tells you the cost required for wig installation.

  • Wigs

    Wigs will cost you somewhere between $200 to $5200, depending on the hair you prefer.

  • Cost of items for hair preparation

    Items such as wig caps and foundation will cost you somewhere between $30 to $40.

  • Cost of items for wig preparation

    The items, such as tweezers, T-pins, bleach powder, shampoo, etc., will cost you somewhere between $70 to $80.

  • Cost of items to set the wig

    The items such as scissors, wig tape, blow dryer, makeup sponge, glue, etc., will cost you somewhere between $90 to $200.

  • Cost of styling the wig

    The styling will cost you around $50 but is totally dependent on your hairstylist. Do some research for your desired look before going for it.

  • Cost of maintenance

    Avoid activities that can pressure your hair. Please do not go for pillow fighting; I repeat that you will regret it. Most of the above-mentioned things are for long-term usage. So, installing a wig yourself will not cost you that much, trust me! Now, the question arises, how a wig is installed? Several methods depend on the type of wig that you have. Let me give you a list!

Methods of installing a wig

Glue method

Glue method to install a wig

Often used for lace front and full wigs and provides a firm hold. The glue is applied over the wig cap, and the wig is adjusted above. It offers a secure grip.

Tape method

Tape method for to install wig

A double-sided tape is used along the hairline area to attach the wig. It does offer a secure hold but can be removed easily compared to the glue method.

Sewing method

Sewing method to install wig

Some wigs come with wig clips or wig combs. Those clips are sewn onto the inner side of the wig cap. This method allows easy attachment and removal along with flexibility.

Gel method

Gel method to install a wig

Like glue, the gel is applied along the hairline. The wig is then placed on the head to create a firm hold. The hold is temporary and is often used for short-term usage, such as costume wigs.

Adhesive-free method

Adhesive-free method to install a wig

Well! If you are not into adhesives, do not worry; wigs come with adjustable straps and wig combs already attached. You just have to slide the combs into your natural hair for stability. This method is comparatively quick and the best option for those who want to avoid the hassle of applying adhesives.

How long does a wig install last?

From my experience, I can tell that it depends on the effort you put into the maintenance. However, on average, wig install lasts somewhere between 1 week to 6 weeks. Don’t stress; avoid pressure and follow the instructions, and you will do well.

How long does it take to install a wig?

Depending on your needed services, a wig install can take a few hours or a complete day. Typically, you need 40 minutes for a lace frontal, 90 minutes for extensions, and around 3 hours for extensions that require sewing. So, it all depends on what you need.

How to install a wig yourself?

How to install a wig yourself detailed guide

Well! If you are looking to save some money, I will recommend installing the wig yourself and it will surely be rewarding. I also recommend you to watch tutorials on YouTube, or you can get some expert advice. However, I, too, have gathered some steps to create a guide for wig installation below.

Choosing your wig

This depends on what you need the wig for. If it’s for a costume party, I recommend a cheaper synthetic wig. If you need it for daily usage, go for human hair wigs. However, the choice is yours to make.

Preparing Natural Hair

Make sure your hair is not oily or greasy. For longer hair, I recommend braiding them close to your scalp. You have to create a smooth base that makes your natural hair flat for your wig. So, do as you please, but the result should be a smooth base. Otherwise, your head will look awkward.

Wig Cap

The next step is to put on your wig cap. This saves your natural hair from things such as glue and makes the base much smoother. You can easily buy a wig cap online or any store nearby. I will advise you to get one that resembles your skin tone as it will help you in giving a natural look.

Adjusting the wig size

 If any adjustable straps are inside your wig, adjust it so it fits your head.

Get the accurate position

Accurately place the wig on your head in a way that aligns with your natural hairline. You have to make it fit properly so you are comfortable.

Securing the wig

If it comes with clips and combs, slide them into your natural hair from the front and back. If you want a more secure hold, then go for adhesives. You must apply the glue to your hairline so your wig fits perfectly. You can even use wig tape to secure your wig without damaging your natural hair.

Blending the hairline

Blend the wig hair with your natural hair to get a more natural look. You may use a wide toothcomb for it.


You can use a comb or any styling tool of your choice to style your wig. Just avoid putting too much pressure or heat on your wig.

Final result

Keep a mirror to ensure your wig fits you perfectly.

How can you secure a capless wig?

A wig without lace is a better option if you are looking for affordable wigs that allow air to circulate within your hair. You can use either the wig clips method mentioned above, or you can sew an elastic band with your wig cap and adjust the wig according to your head. You can even use a combination of techniques, such as wig clips, adjustable straps, elastic bands, etc., together for maximum security.

Some tips during the wig install

  • Make sure that your skin is smooth.
  • Keep your posture as good as possible.
  • Make sure that you are comfortable. If you are not comfortable with your wig, then surely you are doing something wrong.
  • Trim the excess lace if you are using a lace front wig.
  • Use styling products made explicitly for wigs to ensure wig protection.

Reducing the cost

If you want to make sure that your money is not going down the drain, then there are some steps you can take to reduce the cost of your wig install.

Reuse the products

Your styling tools, tweezers, scissors, etc., can be used repeatedly, so take care of them. You can also use your wig cap more than once, which will also help you save money.


Buy wholesale products

Go for the shops that offer you products at lower prices than the fancy ones. The better you are at managing your hard-earned money, the more you are going to save.

Keep looking for training programs

Some Programs offer wig installation services. Students in training can provide you with services under an experienced tutor for cheaper or sometimes free of cost. So, keep doing your research always!

Go during off-peak times

Yes, you read that right! When salons are less busy, they often offer significant discounts, so keep your eyes open and go for that.

Do not rush

Contact multiple salons and stylists and compare their prices. You can also do some research and check the reviews of their customers. Plus, do not hesitate to inquire about any possible discounts or coupons.


The most productive way is to invest time in learning and installing your wig yourself. You can even get training for yourself or find thousands of tutorials on YouTube that will help you learn how to install a wig.

If you follow the tips above, you will likely succeed in saving up some of your hard-earned money.


Install Wig Yourself Vs. Getting Your Wig Installed

Installing a wig at home will be much more convenient. This might be true in many cases. However, both methods have their perks and cons. I have enlisted some of them below to give you a quick sketch of what you are getting into.

Install your wig at home Synthetic hair wigs
Learning experience
No Learning
Less time
A lot of hassle
No expertise
Less styling options
Better styling options

Final Words/ Conclusion

Overall, the cost depends on the way you are going to prefer. So, the choice is yours. However, in an emergency, you can opt for a stylist. Otherwise, I recommend you learn it yourself and install your wig at your home. I will be very happy if this article is helpful for you in any way.


Can you use eyelash glue for wigs?

No, it would be best if you did not use eyelash glue for a wig unless you have no alternative. Some eyelash glues are stickier than others and can damage your hair.

Do all lace front wigs require glue?

Not necessarily. Some lace front wigs come with combs and hooks and thus can be worn without glue.

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