How long is a 24, 20, 16, and 14-inch wig? A comprehensive guide

How long is a 24, 20, 16, and 14-inch wig guide for beginners

When it comes to a wig, most beginners and some seasoned wig wearer want to know what length reach what level and how it affects your overall appearance and personality. Anyone who wants to buy a wig online gets confounded by the wig’s size, how they look, and how to style it.

If you want to transform your bald area to a fuller head and lack knowledge about 24, 20, 16, and 14-inch wigs, be with us to get a big surprise of worthy information in one article.

I Predict you will be an expert in wig lengths to clear others’ thoughts on wig length.

Let’s make confused thoughts very clear to start our article

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20-Inch wig

20-inch is a  medium to a long-length wig. Whether you desire a sleek hairdo, cascading waves, or big curls, all can be done with this versatile-length wig. From glamorous red carpet look to natural day activities, have fun with the medium-length wig, like 20 inches.

How long is a 20-inch wig?

The 20-inch wig reaches at mid-back because of the sleek material

Wigs come to give a turning look to every woman who wants to transform herself without putting too much effort.20- inch wig is a perfect solution to acquire each style confidently. But most women need clarification. How long is a 20-inch accurately? For a better explanation, we categorize the hair into three sections

Straight:  The 20-inch wig reaches at mid-back because of the sleek material.

Wavy: The 20-inch wig’s hair is below the armpit and mostly in 250% density.

Curly: Curly 20-inch wig, although it looks shorter, reaches the upper back.

If you need help understanding the length or how the measurement is different in curly, wavy, and straight hair, the reason is the texture of the hair. The correct size means stretching the hair strand full to know the length.

The actual length counted in straight hair. The wavy hair tends to be 2-3 inches shorter, and the curly hair tends to be 2-4 inches shorter. Correct measurement is achieved when it starts from the crown to the ends

Advantages of 20-inch wig

A popular choice among individuals due to its worth-mentioning advantages. Here is a precise list of all

  • 1-Versatility in hairstyles

    Doing many hairdos in just one weave is no more dream. You can do updos, ponytails, high buns, and sleek and straight hairstyles. Straight wigs can get loose or have high curls, allowing for more creativity for various occasions. Side-parting, middle, and deep parting all are at your hand. You can also trim your rough edges to customize your weave to carry through multiple hairdos.

  • 2-Glamorous look

    The long locks add dramatic and sophisticated glamour to your overall look by alleviating your style and making your household woman an actress-level beauty. Shop a light brown 20-inch synthetic wig with Blonde highlights and a Dark Brunette Brown Lace Front wig from Etsy.com, and be ready to get praise from others.

  • 3-Play with colors

    Long and sleek hair may get colored multiple times, like rainbow highlights, and turning your grey or brown hair to ash blond, golden ombre, burgundy red, and chocolate brown looks more dramatic and influential if applied to long hair of 20-inch length.

  • Maintenance is easy if cared for accordingly

    New to wig journey wearer wants a wig that needs less care but is challenging, and a long wig can be managed easily if cared for intensely. When we talk about beginners, we always recommend buying 18-20 inches wigs, pre-cut lace wigs, or glue-less human hair wigs because treating them like your own hair will not harm it acutely.

  • 5-Solution if natural hair never grows up

    Some people never think of hot weather and hot summers; they still love to have long hair. But, having dwarfed hair, never worry. Buying a wig with long hair is the best solution to your depressive hitch. Long wigs like 20-inch are also your best companion in case of hair loss, Alopecia, and baldness.

  • 6-Natural appearance

    Despite the long length of the 20-inch wig, it will still give you a more authentic look because a quality long wig can be styled as your bio hair using hot rollers, brushes, iron, and curlers without hesitancy. Blending your short and dispersed hair with the 20-inch long wig hair will also give the most realistic picture of yourself.

  • 7-Face-framing upshot

    Creating flattering face-framing is so easy with a 20-inch wig. The hair moves downward, creating a cascading effect and enhancing facial features more vividly. So, show up your beauty of facial features by wearing a smooth and personality-change wig like a 20-inch wig.

20-inch wig hairstyles

Hairstyles have a substantial impact on enhancing every girl’s appearance. So, having a valuable hairdo will make you the epitome of beauty

Water Wave

The wavy hairstyle was in fashion a decade ago because of its strong impression, looks incredible on all face shapes, and is easy to manage by the beginner too. If you want to show up the most natural wavy texture, go with a sleek center part, want to achieve defined curls to get a Hollywood look, go with glam curls, and wish to look more minimalistic appearance choose a curly blunt water wave cut on a 20-inch wig.

Water wave wig style

Black long straight hairstyle

A simple and easy-to-get hairstyle that complements your personality with a wide range of outfits. You can get it by straightening the hair with a flat iron, and perfect on a 20-inch wig. If mistakenly, you get 250% density wig volume, you need to thin it along with the straightening.

20 inch wig legth Black long straight hairstyle

High ponytail

Do you want to be a fashion icon like Zendaya by wearing a high ponytail?

Put all the 20-inch hair in a ponytail for a more modern look. A unique idea to save you from heat and warm weather and an excellent way to show a significant volume and length. Use hair pins to tighten all the hair in place firmly. Pre-made ponytail extensions may be used to save the time of making a ponytail.

High ponytail

Puffy Buns

A puffball or high puff is a good hairstyle on a 20-inch wig. Adding a height, fluffy,  and chic bun at the top and small corkscrew curls at the front will make the hair a treasured beauty.

  • You can try Unicorn hairstyles, Space buns, Long side-swept bangs, and waist-length hairdos

Puffy buns hair style for 20 inch wig

How to secure a 20-inch wig properly?

Lacking a 20-inch wig in your drawer will be a significant drawback. So, if, by a wise decision, you buy a 20-inch wig, one question everybody wants to know is how to secure a 20-inch wig properly.

    • Braid or tie up your hair near the scalp to avoid bulges under the wig and create a perfect base for a 20-inch wig.
    • A 20-inch wig means hair flatters downward, so a wig cap is an exceptional solution to secure the wig from slipping. The wig cap suits your skin color, or you can also dye it for a more natural flow.
    • 20-inch wigs have adjustable straps and hooks to tuckwith the bio hair, so moving the wig will be impossible.
    • Put the wig on your head and adjust it according to your scalp or natural hairline where it sits properly, and use bobby pinson the temple, crown, and back area to move and shake your head spontaneously.

24-Inch wig

A wig that is 24 inches long, 60.96 cm and 200-400 grams ( 7-14 ounces) is called a 24-inch wig. This measurement includes heavy and long hair and is perfect for a show-stopping choice for ladies who want to stand first in presenting a feminine look and inspiring others.

How long is a 24-inches wig?

How long is a 24-inches wig detailed guide

When the hair reaches the lower waist or hips level, it means your hair falls in the extra long category. Wig of 24+ to 30-inches falls in this group. Again, length primarily depends on a person’s height and head shape and also on different hair textures. Each manufacturer’s wig’s length may also vary, so always see the description about the wig size and how it looks on you.

Advantages of a 24-inch wig?

Self-expression and confidence should be the trait of every woman, and a lady lacking them just because of less hair and female pattern baldness can deal with them by putting on a 24-inch wig and showing her fuller head. More positive points are:

  • 1-Distinguishable transformation

    If you wish to transform your low-density natural hair head to full density wig head, give yourself just 5 minutes and transform yourself by putting on a glamorous-looking 24-inch wig that provides you with a complete makeover look. 24-inch Water Wave transparent Lace Front Wig is best option to transfigure your face.

  • 2-Added volume

    More wig length means more density ( it never happens in all cases, preference matters). Stunning and lush hairstyles are only plausible if women have full of hair. Everything has a solution; if you lose your natural hair volume, choose a high-density 24-inch wig and showcase your iconic artistic look.

  • 3-Formal wear

    The 24-inch wig is an excessive choice for formal or party wear or when you want to elevate your typical day hairstyle. Did you get a target to prepare for a party in 30 minutes? If yes! Try a half-updo, low two-sided ponytail, French bun, and retro party hairstyle on a 24-inch wig, and enjoy yourself.

Take advantage of hairstyles List 24-inch wig length

A stunning hairstyle list will make a day full of jubilation.

Side Swept Wave

When your hair accepts curls readily, do a Soft S-Side Swept Wave just by curling the hair and brushing it all over to the side, and putting some sprays to get hold of the waves and blending side waves with your hair for an instant photo-taking situation going to very easy.

Side Swept Wave hairstyle for 23 inch wig

Straight hairstyle

In the recent past, sleek and straight hairstyle is always in trend, and a left-hand game to do it yourself without visiting expensive salons. Manage a straightener or flat iron to create smoothness and a sleek hairstyle, and go for a fun party or a meeting.

sleek and Straight hairstyle

Braided hairdo

If you want more detailing to your hairstyle, do a French braid, fishtail braid, or Dutch or Crown braid for an eye-catching transformation. You can also give your 24-inch wig a trial to do half updo and half braided headdress.

  • You can makekinky curly hairstyles, Cascading Curls, Water Waves, and Updos on a 24-inch wig.
Braided hairdo

How to maintain a 24-inch wig to last longer? General tips

The 24-inch length is a heavy length to manage, and friction and damage are much more. Implement these tips to increase the life span of the 24-inch wig.

  • Buy an Indian and Brazilian wiginstead of virgin hair because of its thickness, shine, durability, and versatility.
  • When not in use, store it properlyin a dry place, not a cramped or humid space.
  • Avoid pulling and tugging during the brush.
  • Wash and conditionregularly to pull out all the dust, oil, and product build-up.
  • Avoid using heating tools directly on a 24-inch wig. You can wrap your hair in parchment paper and curl and straighten the hair in a low heat setting.
  • Don’t try to sleep in a wig to limit friction during sleep.

14-inch wigs

Fourteen inches means that the hair from the base of the weft to the ends becomes 14 inches long. An A14-inch (35.56 cm) is considered the most practicable and decent length, which most teenagers and women of 40’s want to acquire. Mind your preference, body shape, and hair texture before buying a 14-inch wig.

How long is a 14-inch wig? Tips for correct measurements

How long is a 14-inch wig detailed guide

When a wig reaches shoulder-length or a few inches to your bra straps, depending on head size and neck length is called a 14-inch wig. It is neither too short nor too long hair.

How to correctly measure a 14-inch wig? Here are a few simple tips for better results.

  • Use a soft tape to measure hair length.
  • Start from the natural hairline or on the top of the wig’s cap.
  • Move the tape downward tautly, not very tightly, until the measuring ends.
  • Take three times measurements from the center and sides for accurate results.
  • Match the length in the chart and table from your checked measurements.

Do you want to know much about this ideal-length wig? Feel free to check our post on 14-inch wigs

16-Inch wig

A hair extension shorter than 18 inches but a little bit longer than a 14-inch wig is a 16-inch wig. It is 40 cm long and weighs 100-150 grams to give girls a more versatile shortcut at a reasonable cost

How long is a 16-inch wig?

long is a 16-inch wig detail chart image

When wig length comes to shoulder or chest level or long enough to reach your bra, a statistic shows that 71% of girls love to buy a 16-inch wig. The average head for a 16-inch wig is 22 ( circumference). Curly 16-inches wigs may be above your shoulder because curly wigs tend to be 2-4 inches shorter than sleek and straight wigs.

Positive sharp ends of the 16-inch wig

16-inch wig is a feather wig and has many advantages.

  • 1-Easy to style

    16-inch wigs are easy to style and super easy to handle because of their low density and length. You can move your hair upward and downward if the wig is adequately bounded with lace on the skin.

  • 2-Less price

    As the number of strands, density, and length of 16 inches is less, the price of a wig is also super affordable. You can find16-inch Deep Wave Lace Front Wig at just 59.99US. Good Consideration( Should Made with Brazilian hair, 150% hair density, 4*4 closure)

  • 3-Breathable

    A 16-inch wig means more breathability because less hair length gives the scalp space to breathe and helps keep it healthy and oil-free. Making yourself ready to re-shape your personality is damn sure with the soft-looking 16-inch wig.

  • 4-Suitable for all face shapes

    Whether you have a round, square, or oval shape, a 16-inch wig enhances the facial features of ladies by broadening the face to show up more. Other pros are: Give practical look More natural-looking perception Hide your hair fall Suitable for office meetings, birthday parties, and casual outings Lightweight and super comfortable Storing a 16-inch wig is a super ease

Body position of 16-inch wig ( according to texture)

Hair falls into three categories; the length gets short and long according to hair texture.

Straight hair: straight hair extends to the armpit and can be perfectly blended with natural hair.

Wavy hair: Wavy hair comes to the shoulder to create a bob or pixie cut.

Curly hair: Curly hair reaches above or near to shoulder. If you stretch it out, its length gets similar to straight hair.

Hairstyles ideas with a 16-inch wig

Do you need clarification about getting a 16-inch wig hairstyle? Let’s find out the best hairdo.

Twisted Updo

Want to have fun with an updo? It is elementary to stock bobby pins and elastic. Take 2-3 sections and twist them on both temple sides, and then zig-zag the updo with bobby pins and enjoy day and night function without tension.

Twisted Updo hairstyle for 16 inch wig

Wavy Lob

If you want to avoid adding too much to your natural hair and look stylish, this low-maintenance hairdo is meant for you. It can be the best choice for girls to do the hairstyle on a 16-inch wig and comes under wavy style.

Wavy Lob hairstyle for 16 inch wig

Sleek ponytail

Ponytails are not only a solution during hot weather and for gym-going girls, but you can also create a mimic throw with this last-ditch hairstyle. You need to cleanse your hair, dry and side part it, make a ponytail, and straighten ends and touch-ups for final glare.

Sleek ponytail style for 16 inch wig

Multiple Questions and Answers

How does the 20-inch wig length compare to other lengths?

20-inch wig falls between medium to long wigs. For comparison, shorter wigs fall above the shoulder, like 8-12-inch wigs, while longer wigs, such as 22-inch wigs, can reach up to waist length or longer. So, the 20-inch wig is balanced and gives you an idea about the other hair measurements.

Can I style my 20-inch wig with heat?

Synthetic wig fibers can be melted very soon, so avoid using rollers, iron, and curlers. Save your wigs life using a wet setting, Velcro rollers, and foam curlers that are heat loss methods.

Will a 24-inch wig fall on my waist?

yes! A 24-inch wig means your hair reaches the waist and sometimes to the hips, but this is only in a straight hairdo. A girl’s height, neck length, body shape, and head size. One thing that must be noticed is that you start measuring from the crown, not the forehead.

Can I shorten the 16-inch wig by cutting it?

you can cut or trim the edges if you want more short hair. Cut hair cannot come back, so seek the salon’s expert advice to take a single step.

Can I pretend a 14-inch wig is longer?

by adopting styling techniques, you can show up your hair as longer

  • Pour the volumizing product to create more volume to pretend a wig has a fuller look.
  • Straight the hair because curly hair looks shorter.
  • Put on a few hair extensions rather than a full wig to add length and volume.

Sum up

We live in a world of generating new things from older ideas. Wigs have no exception to it. Many wigs are introduced to fulfill everyone’s preferences and needs. Among many, 14, 16, 20, and 24 are the best choices if you own them.

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