Things you may know before buying a 14-inch wig

14 inch wig guide

Fourteen inches wig is the ideal length for females who prefer to style themselves for formal meetings and daily life events and want to look elegant and classy.

Let’s first discuss how the trend of wigs came into existence.

The ancient Egyptians used to go bald to protect themselves from sun rays and lice. In addition, the wigs came in handy; Egyptians wore human hair wigs. Egyptians didn’t just have wigs made up of human hair; they also had wigs made up of sheep’s wool and palm leaves. Wigs became one of the symbols of their social status. Like the Egyptians, the ancient Romans had wigs from their slave hair. Similarly, many civilizations wore wigs. For example, the Assyrians, Greeks, and Phoenicians.

With time the trend of wearing wigs became so popular that wigs of various lengths have been introduced in the market. The 14-inch wig is the most popular due to its normal length and fittingness for every lifestyle.

From university to office-going girls, the 14-inch wig is the most promising choice. But how! let’s talk about it.

The 14-inch wig is the type of wig that length approaches 1-2 inches down at the top of the shoulders. The wig is neither too short, so it could be difficult to tie, nor too long that it could also be tough to carry and causes a burden on the head which results in a headache.

WIG 14 Inch
Hair material
Human Hair & Synthetic hair
Hair type
Straight 14-inch wig & Curly 14-inch wig
Available colors
(1)Black (2)Brown (3)Red (4)Pink (5)Maroon
Life span
Depends on the quality of the hair;
•Human hair- 3 to 5 years
•Synthetic hair- 6 months

It’s always been a challenge to buy a perfect wig, so here are some tips below that you should consider before buying it.

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What should you consider before buying a 14-inch wig?

There are plenty of factors that you must know before buying a 14-inch wig

Hair quality

 Human Hair:

As the name indicates, this is made up of natural human hair. That’s why this wig is expensive. The price depends upon the quality of the hair, and prices can vary accordingly. You can cut, dye, or even curl these hair extensions.

Synthetic Hair:

Synthetic hair feels like natural human hair but is made of artificial fibers, usually polymers. It’s not made up of keratin protein but made from plastic, silk, silicone, vinyl, Acrylonitrile, or even cellulose.

Synthetic hair wig is nowadays in trend because giving you a realistic look with low maintenance demands. This wig doesn’t come to be limp and frizzy and retains its style. You only remove the wig from the box and wear it without getting tangled. It’s less expensive and has a shorter life span than a human hair wig.

The correct size of a 14-inch wig

Because an oversize wig looks so unnatural, to buy the exact size of a 14-inch wig, you should compare the size of your 14-inch wig with the head. If the measurement is close to each other, that demonstrates it is the right size but if it results in a little loose, then use the strap like the Volvo strap for the adjustment.

To learn more about wig length and other important considerations when buying wigs, check out my previous post on Understanding Wig Length

The color of the 14-inch wig:

Choosing the right color for a 14-inch wig is tough, especially when buying for the first time. It is recommended to choose cool natural shades first, like brown, black as well as blonde. When you gain some experience wearing the wig at that time, go for other shades like pink, red or other shades of your choice.

You can buy any color if you want a 14-inch wig for fashion. But if you are very selective and want to look sober, buy the color of 14 inches wig that closely fits your skin tone. The different colors of 14-inch wigs, such as red, light brown, chocolate brown, and maroon, complement the fair skin tone, while dark colors, such as black and dark brown, compliments the darker skin tone.

The style of the 14-inch wig:

The 14-inch wig has various styles, such as straight or curly 14-inch wigs. The different styles contribute to different looks, as a 14-inch straight wig gives a cute to hot look, whereas a curly 14-inch wig gives a chic and generous look. Choosing the right style of 14-inch wig depends upon your choice and the type of look you want to create.

The well-known 14-inch wigs

Here are the 14-inch wigs types that are most famous worldwide and help you achieve the required look.

The 14-inch V-part short bob wig:

v part bob wig 14inch

This 14-inch wig gives a modern look because of its straight, shiny hair. This wig complements all skin tones, especially darker tones. The 14-inch V-part short bob wig makes darker women more attractive. One of the best things about this wig is that it matches with natural shade of your hair dye, is easily mixed, and looks too real and natural.

V-part water wave 14-inch wig

14 inch water wave wig

The 14-inch V-part water wig contains curls and is available in various shades. The best part of this 14-inch wig is can be styled from the middle or side depending on personal preferences. This wig enhances the beauty and overall personality.

Loose wave 14-inch wig

loose wave 14 inch wig

This 14-inch wig contains an ‘S’ pattern. These patterns are loose, forming the shape of waves, making the 14-inch wig unique and suitable for women of all ages. From young girls to mature women, this 14-inch wig provides the perfect charming look.

How to measure 14-inch hair wig precisely?

It’s important to measure the length of the wigs so that you know the exact size of your wig. But the question turns out, “how to measure your wig accurately?”. To measure the exact length of the 14-inch wig, you must have a measuring tool, for example, a scale and your wig. Place the wig on a flat surface, for example, a table, and measure it with the help of a scale from top to bottom. It’s comparatively easy to measure the 14-inch wig that is straight than curly. To measure the 14-inch curly wig, first of all, you will have to stretch it on a flat surface and then measure it with the help of a scale.

Why is a 14-inch wig worth buying?

Most ladies have medium-length hair because it’s easy to handle hair of this length. It’s also easy to style medium-length hair. That’s the reason 12-inch as well as 14-inch wigs, have gained too much attention from buyers from all over the world.

Most importantly, the 14-inch wig is easy to carry without inducing an extra burden on the head. People can wear it for a long day because it doesn’t cause irritation, burden, or discomfort.

How is a 14-inch wig impact your personality?

Beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair is the dream of every girl. But only some females have healthy hair; some face hair loss or baldness issues due to hormonal imbalance or bad eating habits. Due to excessive hair loss, women lose their confidence. But if they wear a 14-inch wig, they naturally sense the feeling of confidence. A confident woman becomes more attractive.

Why is a 14-inch wig the perfect choice for styling short hair?

The 14-inch wig is perfect for short or medium-length hairstyles like Ponytail, French braid, Side braid, ponytail Waterfall braid, and Pigtail.

Why is a 14-inch wig doesn't cause a tangle?

The main advantage of purchasing the 14-inch wig is that it prevents tangling, and longer-length wigs tend to coil very easily, except 14-inch wigs. The 14-inch wig has a normal length that cannot be easily coiled. So, if you are looking for a wig and hate tangling, a 14-inch wig is the best option.

How is a 14-inch wig considered the best choice for all lifestyles?

The way of livings highly impacts buying choices, especially regarding hair styling. Hairstyles describe the whole personality; it describes the fashion style, whether you are western or Eastern. If you are a university-going girl or an office-going woman with an active lifestyle, the 14-inch wig is suitable because it is easy to wear and carry. Even if you go to the gym and have an active lifestyle, you can easily wear it.

Why you should buy a 14-inch wig

The 14-inch wig is the perfect length wig and is suitable for almost every age female, with all lifestyles. But other aspects kick in the selection of a 14-inch wig.

 Enhance your confidence

If you have short or medium hair length, consider buying a 14-inch wig because it will volume your hair and boost your confidence. The 14-inch wig also looks realistic and mixed up with your natural hair, improving your personality.

Protect your hair from heat damage while styling

Natural hair can easily get damaged when using too many products on hair; even excessive heating of the natural hair can cause hair to become too rough and increases hair fall. So, it’s better to have a 14-inch wig so that you can make any hairstyle without causing any damage to your natural hair.

 The best solution for hair loss and baldness

Sometimes excessive hair damage can result in hair loss or even baldness that can cause depression and anxiety. The 14-inch wig is the best solution for hair loss and baldness because you can easily wear it for a long day, especially when going to public gatherings.

 You don’t need to dye your hair

Hair dye is the biggest issue in today’s world. Every other female wants to dye her hair which results in hair deterioration. The bleach present in hair dye not only damages the hair but also causes sensitivity to the scalp. So, the 14-inch wig is the best solution for this problem. The 14-inch wig is present in various colors, and you can buy a 14-inch wig in any of your desired colors and avoid using dye on your hair. You can also dye the 14-inch wig that is made from human hair.

Why shouldn't you buy a 14-inch wig?

There are just a few negative points of buying a 14-inch wig, and these are given below;

Cause dandruff

One of the disadvantages of buying a 14-inch wig or any other wig is that it causes dandruff if it does not accurately follow hygiene standards. Cosmetologists suggest not wearing the used wig of someone else to your scalp because it causes hair problems, scalp sensitivity, itchiness, or even dandruff. One should have to wash the hair and scalp after wearing the 14-inch wig.

 Limited lifespan of 14-inch wig

The life span of 14 inches is based on the type of hair material and its quality. The 14-inch wig made from synthetic fibers has a short lifespan of almost 6 months if kept properly. But the 14-inch wig made from human hair has the longest lifespan of almost 1 to 3 years, depending on the quality of hair and care. It lasts for 4 to 5 years if the quality of the hair is higher than average. The 14-inch wig that has higher hair quality is also expensive.

Sometimes, the burden on the head

The 14-inch wig doesn’t contain too much weight, which is why it is easy to wear, but it rarely causes a burden on the head that leads to discomfort. So, to avoid such a problem, it is always suggested to choose the accurate size of your 14-inch wig.

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