How Long Do Synthetic Wigs Last and How To Increase Their Lifespan​

Imagine going into a world where you never have to be disappointed about a luck luster wig. A prestigious world where your synthetic wig maintains its shine and liveliness for months on end. Sound like a captivating dream?

Do you invest more of your spending in purchasing wigs and are also concerned about the longevity how long synthetic wigs last? Are you curious to know the lifespan of your synthetic wig?

Let’s prepare ourselves to unveil the hidden gems factors behind making the wig expired and how you make your wig stunning for longer usage. In this attentive article, we will expose all the things that make your synthetic wig’s life short. Gone are the days of short-live wigs that leave you feeling frustrated. It’s time to uncover the secret that will turn the short-life piece into a head-turning masterpiece.

Quickly starts the article and makes you aware of how long synthetic wigs last

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What are synthetic wigs? How are they different from human hair wigs?

Artificial wigs are made from fake fibers and usually from plastic materials. A good alternative to a human hair wig, gives you versatility in the hairdo, affordable to your pocket, low maintenance hair piece, and gives you more texture sometimes to resemble with the natural hair. Synthetic wigs come in a hundred thousand range of colors, styles, and textures but one drawback with this wig is that they are not heat-bearable and get frizzy a couple of times, and expired after 4-6 months.

Human hair wigs on the other side are made of virgin, Remy, or human hair and look natural and also need proper care but have a long life of up to 1 year if pamper duly.


  • When hair has never undergone any harsh chemical treatment, it is called virgin.
  • A human hair wig that is aligned in one direction is called Remy’s hair.
  • Real human hair collected from a salon, real shedding, or from a drain is known as human hair

How long do synthetic wigs end up? Factors to consider

Amidst the sea of information on synthetic wigs, there is one critical and heartbreaking issue their short life span. It is the elephant in the room that nobody will tell you the dept factors due to which you are going to be responsible for making a wig’s life short or long.

Here are the hidden culprits behind premature wig deterioration.

1-What quality of your synthetic wig have?

The factor which determines the longevity of your synthetic wig is the quality you purchased. Good quality synthetic wigs from confirmed sources are a real-time saving because it is close likely to human hair and runs longer

Always buy the wig from certified and reputed manufacturers that have full experience in the field


Everything needs care for good nourishment and synthetic wigs also demand high maintenance and care. The ignorance may cause brittleness and frizziness of the wig and these could be tackled by proper washing and after-wash care of the wigs


Are you among those who throw the wig on a drawer or bed after attending the party or a caretaker to the weave? Throwing a wig when not using it, make the cuticles get tangled and amalgamated in one another other and result may be breakage and a shorter lifetime. The simple thing to keep in mind. A proper storage method means more life for a wig.

4-Multiple styling modes

Did you handle your wig poorly and also think about the limited life of synthetic wigs? The ultimate reason may be how you handle or how much you apply styles and compose techniques to it

  • Be gentle when styling.
  • Use hair care products like oils, shampoo, and conditioner that are meant for synthetic wigs only.
  • Always detangle your hair before styling.
  • Know-how about the proper application of a wig on the head.

5-The base of the lace

Synthetic wigs have 3 versatile ways to put on natural thin hair. The life of a wig also depends on how it is applied, whether by an expert or at home. In the Lace-free method hairs are sewn, by machine or by hand into a band, either in a closure or in a frontal style. The other way is glued lace wigs. The disturbing way is sew-in wigs, if not adequately attached, causing irritation and a lot of friction on your scalp.

12 Tips to make your synthetic wigs last longer: Essential Careful practices

Synthetic wigs on the one hand are very easy to handle but at the same ti, it might be tricky to secure a wig from damage and breakage. Wigs are part of women’s success journey and sometimes a good friend in case you are under some medical issues like alopecia, female pattern baldness, and chemotherapy. Whether you wear it to fulfill your desire or due to hide your lackness, it is prone to an end after a 4-6 month interval. From common myths to golden principles of maintenance, let’s make you fully expert with our 4-5 hour deep research on the topic of how to make synthetic wigs last longer.

1-Never give your wig to much wash

Never give your wig to much wash

In the case of natural hair, the scalp produces oil which makes hair dusty and oily but when you wear a wig, especially with a synthetic wig, washing too often by thinking that you are caring much about your hairpiece and making its life double. No, not. This is not a suitable practice. Always try to wash your synthetic wig after 7-8 use or after one week because too much washing means too much brittleness and dryness.

One tip is that wash your wig at a time when you scrutinize that your wig is going to be oily, crunchy, stiffy, and disbalance from the place

2-Friction should be lessened

2-Friction should be lessened to maintain synthetic wig for long time

Wig’s life may be half of your actual life if you wear it during sleep. At night when our body is at rest, it produces more oil and grease that may make your wig dull if you never quit it off during your sleep. One more thing to notice is that when in unconsciousness you rub your hair in the opposite direction, it creates a lot of resistance and friction which can harm the weave

  • Wrap your wig in a silk scarf or invest in buying a silk or satin pillowcase for minimal damage. You can havea Feather Lite sleep cap with you.
  • Not put on the wig during gym and working out because too much sweating will destroy the hair fibers. So, our favorite suggestion is to buy a Madison Exercise cap, turban, or beanieduring a workout.

3-Rotation between two wigs

Apply 3-Rotation between two wigs trick to maintain synthetic wigs

Keeping a wig on for the day to day use and not making rotation between two wigs is a big No mistake every girl should evade. The extended life span of a synthetic wig could be achieved when you have two to three options of rotation in your drawer.

  • Keep one wig that you will use outside and one always as a backup to use daily in case you are wig addictive.
  • A hat with hair attached and a headband wig will give you a versatile look on a minimum budget

4-Trimming and highlighting

Most working ladies purchase per-styled synthetic wigs to save a big buck of time but if you give your wig trimming and further styling, it will be a game-changer aspect would be. Trimming is the best solution to get off the dried particles and mold the wig from bad to eye-catching hairpieces.

5-Tools meant for synthetic wigs

A wise factor to increase the life of synthetic wigs is to apply only those products that are specially made for synthetic wigs like shampoo, conditioner, spray, and gel. Turning to human hair products to save money will make you repentant of your decision

  • Adopt a comb with the wide tooth and metal bristle for managing knots perfectly.

6-Limit heating tools

Did you notice a heat-resistant tag on your wig box before unboxing it? If not, take a look. If your wig is made of healthy synthetic fiber and is also heat bearable, then it would be a safe option to use heat like a straightener, curler, and steamer but if the manufacturer never claims about its heat-bearing, using heat may make the cuticles very rough and then prone to damage

  • Always set the temperature between 250-350 Celsius, not more than that.
  • Want to curl your straight synthetic hair? Playing with the Velcro roller and curl former for the ultimate look without desecrating the wig’s hair.
  • Style your wig without heat 

7-Professional level maintenance

Many times looking after the wig at home is never enough rather you spend some budget to feel others envy your precious looks while wearing multiple wigs. Do wig cleaning, restyling, and fiber-revitalization from a recognized hair salon or the wig’s store and it could be a handsome feature to revitalize the wig again

8- Storage techniques

Storage techniques

One suggestion was given to you to keep rotating the wig and wash, condition, and stored it when not in use. So, the best storage method may stockpile the wig from damage.

  • Before storing a synthetic wig, make sure to reduce all the snarl and knots with the wide-toothed comb.
  • Preventing wigs from getting flattened and misshapen is possible when you keep them on a wig stand or mannequin. Buying Cardani Black Portable Wig Holder could be a positive turn to increase the life of synthetic wigs.
  • Choose a dark room or a drawer to put the cleansed wig into that place and avoid storing it where there is sun exposure, humidity, and excessive heat.
  • You can also cover the wig with a breathable wig cap or hairnet so that air circulation might make your synthetic wig penetrable. Never try to put the wig in a plastic bag or an airtight container.

9-Put money into buying wig caps

Our scalp is much responsible to make the synthetic wig pre-damaged because when it never takes air it produces grease and oil that in consequence makes the synthetic wig dry and susceptible to breakage. A wig cap can hold the liability and in this way, you can extend a synthetic wig’s life very easily.

  • Washing and conditioning a wig cap is easier than a whole wig.
  • The best pick-up list includes Cardani Cotton Wig Cap and Cardani Aloe Wig Cap.

10-Soft towels to dry out the wig

Mostly it is said to wash and squeeze water out of the wig and let it air dry but be careful when you use the towel for drying the wig. Intense rubbing and wringing and twisting should be avoided because it will create a lot of friction and distort the wig’s shape. Reducing tangles with finger tip is a fun way.

  • Pat dry to remove extra moisture from synthetic wigs.
  • Pick out a lint-free towel to maintain the wigs’ smoothness and flawless look.
  • Always make better use of microfiber or terry cloth towels because these materials are super soft and absorbent without making friction to the synthetic wig and help in increasing the wig’s life.

11-Cool water for washing the synthetic wig

Hot water can cause the wig to frizz, damage, tangle, and melt the fibers so cold and lukewarm water is best for extending the life circle of a synthetic wig. Cool water is best because

  • Keep the fibers healthy
  • Color fading is impossible
  • Chances of tangling and matting are lessened for the scalp

12-Shampoo and conditioner

Do you apply human the hair shampoo of your sister on your wig to save your own money?  It is Ok if you are just kidding and teasing her but always use shampoo and conditioner that is mild on the synthetic wig because it would not only increases its lifetime but also make your wig superb during installation

  • Always choose sulfate, paraben, and, alcohol-free shampoo.
  • For lightweight hydration and reduction of frizziness use leave-in conditioner.
  • Jon Renau Cleanse Fiber Love Shampoo + Shea Moisture 2 in 1 Conditionerwill be the perfect match.

How long can you put the glued wig on? Safest way

Using adhesive, tape, or glue to keep the wig in place is the best method. A careful application is needed when you apply glue to the hairline because it creates a strong bond between the scalp and the wig. Before knowing how much time glued wigs keep on the head, we must be aware of the application methods of synthetic wigs. It includes

  • Glueless: In this method, hair is sewed in half by hand and half by machine in an elastic band. You just put the wig on your head and adjust the elastic at the nape of the neck.
  • Glued method: In this application method, glue or tape is used on the frontal hairline to give a more natural look.Bold Hold Ghost Bond is the good bond.
  • Sew-in: when the artificial hair is sewn into the natural hair, although it is the safest method if done at a salon because a wrong application may cause friction and damage to natural hair and scalp.

Mostly glued wigs stay on for 4-6 weeks but a caution is that it is not always the same at every time. Some stylists may use a light adhesive that rest for a few hours in case you just attend an event but sometimes they apply it that glue can last up to a few weeks in case you are wig addictive.

Glued-in synthetic wigs must be taken off when you see

_ Scalp irritation

_lace has a wide residue

_When the wig starts moving

how long can you make glued-in wigs last longer?

The answer is to follow healthy practices

  • Remove glue with patience.
  • Always wash the glued area with shampoo.
  • Glued-in wigs easily get tangled, so keep brushing in them.
  • Use cap liner because it will secure the lace from the natural skin oil to slip it off.
  • Try Walker Ultra Hold, Smilco Wig  Glue, Ghost Bond Classic.
  • Make a braid of hair before going to the sack.
  • C22 spray glue remover and medical alcohol might be used to keep off the wig glue.

Specific questions and their answers

Can synthetic wigs be durable as compared to human hair wigs?

No! Synthetic wig means artificial fibers that can last up to 6 months if cared for properly while a human hair wig is made of natural hair so its lifespan is up to 1 year. Never worry ladies! If you pamper your synthetic wig as your beloved, its life span may get closer to a human hair wig.

How does the synthetic wig's lifetime is affected by the frequency of usage?

artificial is always artificial. Keeping the wig on every time, applying too many heating tools like straightener and curler on a synthetic wig, and environmental factors like intense sun exposure, humidity, and rain is the component that will reduce the longevity of a synthetic wig.

Can I style my synthetic wig to increase its lifetime? Answer

A gradient look is possible with the fun style and also wig becomes used for an extended time. Following the manufacturer’s descriptions about maximum temperature, tools harmed on wigs, and some basic details, go to heat-free methods of styling like roller, curl former, and braid, avoid too much brushing in the opposite direction, and applying low heat to style the synthetic wig in case of heat-resistant wigs can make the life of synthetic wig doubled.

How long can you keep a lace front wig on your head?

Lace front wigs can last up to 2-6 weeks if properly washed, air dry, stored, rotated, and combed with a wide tooth. It is a frontal hairpiece that covers the front hairline, either glued or without glue and is meant for people who hate to mess the hair with the hairline. Although it is an expensive wig gives you versatility in a side part and ponytail hairstyles.

Is there any method to repair a synthetic wig that lasts?

Synthetic wigs last after 6 months but they can be repaired for further use.

  • If the wig is tangled and frizzy, apply conditioner and detangle it with the wide-tooth comb.
  • Diluting the wig with fabric softener, dish-washing liquid, and conditioner may revive it to new life.

If your synthetic wig gets small tears, apply wig adhesive on the damaged part, press it down, let it dry, and get ready for the next move.

Is the longevity of a synthetic wig affected when taking a bath with it?

Yes! 100% affected. The synthetic wigs are not designed to expose to excessive moisture for long periods. If you did it, it means you are doing wrong with your favorite hairpiece because bathing with a synthetic wig has the following impacts:

_ Glued or tape-in adhesive weakens

_ Excessive water may damage the fiber

_ Product ( shampoo & conditioner) buildup makes it dull and heavy.

All in All

A synthetic wig came in the market to give ladies a versatile and upgraded look in a low maintenance budget and these wigs have some weak points that human hair wig has not. They mimic natural hair and thus need more care. Whether you entered your foot newly into the wig-wearing journey as an expert-level user, must be aware of how long go synthetic wigs last and how you can increase the life of your wig. With the right knowledge and practice you can enjoy a breathable wig for up to a couple of months. The long journey of synthetic wigs awaits you _ embrace it with full confidence.

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