What is an ugly wig: All you need to know about ugly wig

Ugly wigs are the most inexpensive wigs. These are made to create the look of your favorite characters from movies, theatre, and cartoons or make you the best fit for Halloween. Cosplay and Halloween wigs are also considered ugly wigs.

What is Ugly wig, detail guide

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Which material is used to make an ugly wig?

When talking about the material of a wig, commonly, wigs are classified into two types. These are synthetic and natural hair materials. The natural wig is mainly made from real human hair and horse hair. Wigs made from horse hair have lost their fame and now become uncommon practice. India and Brazil are vast suppliers of human hair in the world market, whereas ugly wigs made from natural human hair are expensive. The ugly wig is made from Synthetic fibers and is cheap and budget-friendly.

How to wear an ugly wig?

how to wear an ugly wig, step by step guide

It’s crucial to wear an ugly wig accurately. For wearing it correctly, the wig should be off your head size. First of all, tie your hair properly. You can make a bun, braid, or ponytail to ensure the hair doesn’t come out. Then put a wig cap and pin it from both sides of the head. It’s time to wear the wig. The wig should be worn from the back side of the head and stretched straight to the top. After wearing an ugly wig, the last step is to comb it from the fingers to reduce tangle. You can also brush your ugly wig.

Can I wear an ugly wig in routine daily life?

The answer is No. You cannot wear an ugly wig daily because it is not designed to wear for a regular basis. Because ugly wigs are comparatively inexpensive, so they only last for a maximum of 5 months. After some time, the fibers start falling apart from the wig cap.

Wearing an ugly wig in routine life can cause it to get tangled, resulting in damage.

Wearing an ugly wig all the time can cause you to suffer from a medical condition called Traction alopecia. It causes hair loss because of excessive pressure and pulling on hair follicles.

How to wash an ugly wig?

how to wash an ugly wig detailed guide

Don’t use normal hair shampoo when washing ugly wigs because it can react harshly to ugly wig hair. It is always recommended to use the wig shampoo and wash the ugly wig by using following the method;

  • First, gently comb the ugly wig using your fingers to avoid tangling.
  • Then take the lukewarm water in the bowl and dips an ugly wig in the bowl so that it can equally get wetted.
  • Add some drops of wig shampoo to the bowl and gently comb using fingers from top to bottom of an ugly wig. Keep in mind not to use heavy hands at this stage. Rubbing and scrubbing can damage the hair fibers. This step is carried out to remove the dirt particles from an ugly wig.
  • Place an ugly wig under the tap water to remove the shampoo.


Is the ugly wig worth buying?

If you are a party animal, like to achieve different looks, and celebrate Halloween with full zest, an ugly wig is the most suitable choice. Buying an ugly wig may benefit you in the following way.

 Affordable price:

It’s not easy to use many hair products on your hair, like dyes, bleach, and other hair treatments like straightening, blow drying, and curling. These treatments required plenty of time and money. Purchasing an ugly wig is the cheapest and most time-conserving option.

Creates the required look:

There are a variety of ugly wigs present in the market. These ugly wigs will always serve you to achieve your chosen look. You can easily select any ugly wig that compliments your costumes.

Available in a variety of colors and types:


This wig is designed explicitly to create different looks; that’s why ugly wigs are available in various colors and styles. You can have a plentiful choice when it comes to color. Each color is available.

Why shouldn’t you buy an Ugly wig?

Undoubtedly, an ugly wig is worth buying, but still, there are some factors you should know before buying.

 Short lifespan:

An ugly wig has the shortest lifespan and can only last 5-6 months if cared for properly.

You can follow some tips  to increase lifespan of your wig

An ugly wig made from synthetic fibers is of medium quality because of its low pricing.

Whereas some ugly wigs made from high-quality human or synthetic fibers may last for even years, they are not budget-friendly.

It’s best for you if you can easily buy an ugly wig after every 4 to 5 months.

 Cannot wear daily:

It would be best if you did not have to wear an ugly wig daily because it’s made for something other than wearing on a routine basis. Wearing on daily can cause hair tangling, damage an ugly wig and cause hair loss or even dandruff.

Demands High care and maintenance:

An Ugly wig requires maintenance to boost its shelf life. Place it on the box after wearing it, or hang it on the wig stand to avoid tangling and damage. Ugly wigs also need to be cleaned with wig shampoo. All of the ugly wigs are not heat resistant. These maintenance points may increase the lifespan of an ugly wig.

An ugly wig is too shinny that it doesn’t look natural:

These wigs are way too shiny because of their synthetic fibers, mostly made from vinyl chloride and acrylonitrile. Too much shiny wig hair is unsuitable for casual use due to its unrealistic look. But these ugly wigs are the perfect match for creating an exceptional look.

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