How Long does a Wig Install Last? A Guide to extend Your Wig Lifespan

how long does a wig install last,detail guide

Attention wig wearers! Are you tired of constantly replacing your trusty hairpiece? Are you sick of shelling out big bucks for a new wig every few months? Well, fear not, my friends! You can prolong the life of your wig and keep it looking good for years to come with a little tender loving care. Just remember: don’t go swimming with it, don’t use it as a frisbee, and don’t try to use it as a makeshift umbrella. Your wig (and wallet) will thank you, I assure you or better to commit I bet you.

A wig is the top priority of the women of the modern world. But before buying it, every newbie has in her mind: How will the wig install last? This article is designed to clear your tangled thoughts if you have the same concern.

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How Long Can a Wig Install Last? Do You Know?

When you wear a wig, it is not for your life task. You must remove it several times to avoid any mishap with your skin. The duration of the wig depends on many factors like heating tools, styling methods, care of the wig, and much more. Mostly seen that a wig lives her life for up to 1-6 weeks. The life of a wig may also be short or prolonged due to the material used for its making:

  1. Human hair wig
  2. Synthetic wig.

Make a distinction between wigs with human and synthetic hair before we continue.

Human Hair Wig

Natural looking wigs are Human hair wig

 When you want to save the life of your natural hair or have any scalp and hair issues, you jump to rush for a wig to secure your hair. You have two possibilities right here, and human hair is one of them. They are considered real investments, just like you have in your bank account. They have been made from natural hair and are free from chemical processes, and cuticles are intact to live for a longer time.

  • Looks natural
  • Can be lasted up to a one-year minimum
  • Styling liberty (perm, heating, curling)
  • Texture options (curly, bob, straight)
  • Receptacle try essential shampoo and conditioner
  • It can be used during sleep
  • A burden on your wallet
  • Frizzy and dry at times

Synthetic Hair Wig

Human hair and synthetic hair

 As it sounds fake, the wig’s material is also simulated. This wig is made from acrylic or nylon, chemically processed to resemble natural hair more, but you can also try those steps to make your wig look natural.

  • No-ado style (style holds its form even after wash)
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Less costly than human hair wig
  • Texture options (curly, bob, straight)
  • Weather-friendly
  • Lifespan up to 1-6 weeks
  • It cannot be re-colored
  • Shiny look pretends you artificial
  • Shed extravagant

Helpful suggestion to make your wig stunning during the install

The natural is anyway natural, and the artificial thing wants maintenance; similar is the case with the wig. The use of wig glue, how your hair grows fast, and how you follow the stylist’s instructions is the factor that can help make your wig live longer.

Hair Type LifeSpan
Glued Wigs
4-6 Months
Lace Front Wigs
6 weeks

 If you want to make your wig to be for a more extended hour, lets know-how the following tips for your better concern;

1- Choose a high-quality wig

The more you add sugar, the sweeter material you get. Higher-quality wigs (human hair wigs) are generally more durable and can last longer than a year than lower-quality wigs (synthetic wigs). The costly wigs look more stylish and practical to use.

2- Wash Your human hair wig thoroughly

Cleaning can be helpful to enhance the lifespan of your way. You just be sure to shampoo and condition your wig’s hair after 6-8 weeks or every 7-10 use. For cleaning, follow these steps

3- Handle your wig gently

Be gentle when combing your wig, as rough handling can cause damage to the fibers. Use a high-quality brush like a looped bristle brush or paddle brush for wig hair when you want to brush your hair more than once or throughout the day

4- Proper Storage of your wig

Always try to dry your wig in the air, and when you want to travel outside on an extended tour or a short journey, make your wig wrapped in a box to avoid tangling and knots. When not in use, store your wig on a wig stand or in a wig bag to help protect it from damage. Make sure to reserve your wig in a darker place instead of sun exposure.

5- Prevent intertwisting

Prevention is essential to many aspects of life, as it can help you avoid problems and enjoy a smoother, more hassle-free experience. To prevent mishaps with your wig, try to avoid tangles and knots and use lightweight oil on your wig. If you want to go outside while it rains, style it to become free from tangling. Moreover, you can wear a wig at night, wrap your hair with a scarf or cap or make a ponytail.

6- Heat could torment your wig

Avoid exposing your wig to heat for prolonged periods since heat can harm the wig’s fibers. Examples of such heat sources are hair dryers and flat irons. Extra usage of heating tools like curler, straightener, and roller must be in control because they tangle your hair to the extent that it could be a fish out of water for you.

Tip: Always set your heating tools up to 350 degrees

7- Professional removal methods

Sometimes, when in a hurry burry situation, you quickly want to remove your wig and make a scratch on your unit; therefore, one mild suggestion is that always be professional in removing the glue on your skin. You may try C22 Spray Glue Remover or Medical Alcohol to erase the excessive glue to protect your skin.

8- Don’t allow harsh chemicals

Exposure to harsh chemicals, such as hair dyes or styling products, can also damage the fibers of a wig. If you love to dye your hair to get an Ombre or Balayage look or some other style, it may shorten its life.

Tip: Going for a wig purchase, it is advised to see the label heat-resistant on the container because it will be best for the more prolonged use of your unit.

9- Maintain your wigs properly and PROLONGATION

A wig’s lifespan can be increased with the right care and upkeep. This may include washing and styling the wig carefully, storing it properly when it is not in use, and avoiding exposing it to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals. Make styling your hair when wet, use less heated products, and always set the position of straightening and curling products on a low level. Proper following of instructions of the seller and maker of wigs makes it fruitful to use it for a longer time.

10- Less usage of your wig

The more you use your favorite wig outside, the fewer chances of its early breakout. If you want to use your unit for a pleasant time, make it less useful because most exposure will decrease its life cycle.

Tip: A quality tip is given to you that you must have two to three units in your stock to rotate it, so it may be all right soon.

11- Less water subjection

A majestic opinion to make your wig install longer to avoid water explosion onto your scalp. Don’t do heavy exercises because it results in extra sweating that can make the scalp itchy, and always take a shower while you put the wig cap on your head. If you sweat the most, waterproof adhesive or gel must be done on your skin to make it usable for a longer leap. Always dry it properly for further use.

12- Method of installation

Wigs longevity also happens due to styling techniques and methods. A stylist is preferable whenever you wish to sew in your wig to keep it free from slipping or moving. But are you have the self-confidence to do it by yourself? If yes, stand up to do it with the help of experts on YouTube or Google to perform this task.

Tip: If you fancy having a sew-in Lace Front Wig and wish to save time, go to a stylist, but again, here is a pit in your pocket because a stylist charges too much for this.

Effects of Wearing Wig for Extended Periods

 It is a hundred and ten percent true that you sometimes don’t want to keep your wig away from your hair. Did you ever feel the same attachment? But there can be a few adverse outcomes if you do not change your wig within a reasonable time.

1- Scalp irritation

One potential issue is that the wig may become soiled or dirty, making it look unappealing and potentially leading to scalp irritation or other skin issues. It can also be a reason for the bad smell your wig will create. Do you desire to be known for having a bad smell?

2- The wig Looks Dull

 In addition, the wig may become damaged over time due to wear and tear, which can cause it to look less natural or to become less comfortable to wear. Over usage of wigs lead to breakage and puts the wrong impression on your colleagues or friends.

3- Lice or Pests can make you feel embarrassed

Another potential issue is that the wig may become infested with lice (wingless insects that spread from one person to another and cause rash and itchiness) or other pests, which can be challenging to treat and may require professional assistance to resolve.

What is the method of using expired wigs? Have any?

If a wig has expired or become damaged, it may be possible to reuse it in several ways. Some possible options for reusing an expired wig include the following

Donating it to a theater group or costume shop

If the wig is still in good condition, you can donate it to a theater group or costume shop, where it can be used for stage performances or other events

Repurposing it for craft projects

If the wig is no longer suitable for wearing, you may be able to use it for craft projects. For example, you could cut it into small pieces and use it to create a wig for a doll or stuffed animal.


If the wig is no longer usable, you may be able to recycle it. Some wig manufacturers have programs in place to recycle old wigs, or you may be able to find a local recycling center that accepts wigs.

It is crucial to keep in mind that reusing an expired wig may not always be possible, and it may not be suitable for all purposes. Sometimes, it may be better to dispose of the wig and purchase a new one

Can the expired wig of one person be used by another one?

No! No! Don’t try this  because it can root for scalp or hair issues. So, the torn wig must be discarded instead of using it.

What’s the time to say goodbye to your wig?

When your wig looks faded, so unnatural, difficult to apply any style on it, or it creates itchiness and swelling on your head, so a tocsin to alert you on the upcoming situation.

Are the wigs-making companies recycling the expired units for further use?

Not a recommended behavior. Wigs worn by others may not be sanitary, as they may harbor bacteria or other contaminants. However, it is important to carefully inspect the wig to ensure it is clean and in good condition before using it. If the wig is soiled, damaged, or otherwise not suitable for use, it is best to dispose of it and purchase a new wig.

Can a wig be used every time a day?

It’s Okay! Just put on your weave and discover what you are interested in. You can carry it at a dance party, birthday party, or anniversary function with complete confidence.

Applying shampoo or oil on wigs Is It practicable?

Using shampoo and oils can help extend a wig’s life and keep it looking its best. Shampoo can be used to clean the wig and remove the build-up of dirt, oil, and styling products, which can help improve the wig’s appearance and feel. Oils, such as argan oil or coconut oil, can condition the wig and help repair damaged fibers.

Choosing a wig-specific shampoo and lightweight oil is crucial, as regular hair care products may be too harsh for wigs and can cause damage.

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