Can you sleep in a wig? Decoding the Dos, Don'ts, and tips

Can you sleep in a wig with confidence? A detailed guide

Have you ever thought of waking up with mind-blowing locks and wanting to conquer the day? Have you spent hours styling a wig for fabulous looks? As you called to wear your styled wig at night, one question always lingers Can I sleep with a wig on? It is a thought-provoking question, but experts don’t recommend wearing your lovely hairpiece at night and wearing it out. There may be many reasons rushed you put on the wig the whole night, like maybe you are just tired due to your day-out routine, have to spend precious time with your boyfriend, having a house guest over, and being a guest in others’ home and lack proper styling tools and wig stand to put your wig off and place on the mannequin. Whatever tight spot you face, you always ask the same question from an expert  Can sleeping in a wig harm it?

The mystery must be resolved. Our article is map-out to discuss the comfort and hidden consequences of wearing a wig in bed and helpful tips to wear a wig more confidently at bedtime.

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Helpful tips for sleeping in a Wig

Although we don’t suggest you wear your wig at night, follow up on these practical tips during sleep in a wig if the situation worsens.

Enfold your wig tightly

As you decide to go to bed after finishing your household task, you need to secure and wrap your weave’s hair tightly on your head. First, pin up all the hair in one direction, then wrap it with a silk or satin scarf or band. What benefit do you get by doing this? Your wig will never slip from the place and avoid friction. You can also split the hair under your chin and lean on your back.

  • If you have curly hair, make a braid or loose curls.
  • In the case of straight hair, turn all the hair from the back of your neck, drag it to your forehead or temple, and pin it firmly.

Select a lightweight wig

Lightweight means low-density wig. If you keep deciding to wear a human or synthetic hair wig during sleep, it is advised to select a breathable wig that won’t cause excessive heat and scalp irritation. Covering the wig with a beanie could save the hair cuticles.


Silk or satin pillowcase

Did you never get a thrilling result of a silk scarf as it slips from your head? One super suggestion is to invest in a pillowcase made of silk or satin and twist and turn your head and get less-tangled hair that can be removed even by fingers.

  • Avoid using cotton or polyester pillowcases because they are rough in texture and cause more friction between your hair and fabric.
  • Other options, despite silk and satin pillowcases, are to try Bamboo or Microfiber pillowcases because the soft material of these pillowcases can avoid the brittleness of wig after sleep.
  • Bedsure Satin Pillowcases and Kitsch Pillowcases with multiple colors give you a 5-star feeling.

Put on the wig cap

Wearing a wig hat or cap is recommended to avoid friction and hair breakage. If you are among those who make a lot of movement during sleep, a wig cap and bonnet are the best way to hold the wig in place.

Have you ever tried Chandra Night Cap by Christine Headwear? If still not, rush out to get it to attain a comfortable, seamless, and soft look.


Comb in P.M and A.M

Combing can save your hair from getting tangled. Always have a wide-toothed comb in your purse, and in case you never have another option to sleep with a wig on, comb gently before going to bed and after waking up. Always comb gently and regularly, starting from the ends, and use detangling products without pulling the hair rigorously.

  • Vent Brush and your finger can do the same work of detangling while minimizing the risk of damage.
  • If in a hurry you forget to carry a brush with you and find a wide-long wig pick, utilize it by starting at the ends upward to remove all the nasty tangles.

Choose between two

Shortening the life span of a wig with your hand, yeah, by going wrong to wear your costly wig regularly to bed. Taking on one wig repeatedly at night will cause frizz, brittleness, and matting, so save the wig’s life by having two alternatives. Securing a wig could be easy with a doughnut.


Switch on to the sleeping wig


Switch on to the sleeping wig, know more about


Having a flurry of tangled thoughts, what to do to save costly wigs? One thing you can do to buy a sleeping wig. Sleeping wigs are designed to safely wear all night, and one thing is super exciting these wigs are perfect for low-budget customers. We know many women who have day and night wigs separately to maintain the life of both wigs. One more thing to add to a sleeping wig is the usage of a sleeping cap. A sleep cap is no alternative if you want to maintain your hairstyle shape, protect it from dust and oil, and avoid friction.

Best Sleeping Wig:

  • Short Straight Bob Synthetic Wigs with Bangs for Women Ombre Brown to Blonde Wig Cosplay Party Daily Heat Resistant Fiber Hair on ALi Express.
  • Night wig by Gisela Mayer ( natural looking, wow level hook and strap, hand-tied, and made with bamboo material like a turban)

Best Sleeping Caps:

  • Emily Satin Sleep Cap ( cool and smooth fabric, best for sensitive scalp)
  • Evolve Pineapple Sleep Cap ( edge protection, avoid frizziness, maintain deep curls)
  • 100% Cotton cozy cap ( helpful for chemo and cancer patients, can be folded, navy and cabernet color)

Reconsider your sleeping position.

Are you lying on your stomach and back? Do you know your sleeping position? If you are sleeping in a position like on your back or on your sides, it will cause more wig hair breakage. So always find the safe zone to make your wig’s hair run for a longer time.

Having long hair, then arrange one more pillow and put your hair on the other pillow to avoid enmeshing.


Not to sleep in damp hair.

Sleeping, on the one hand, can damage the quality of the wig, but the icing on the cake factor to sleeping with a wet wig. Never try to do it despite being too tired, but dry it by using an air dryer to dry it thoroughly to avoid mildew. Moreover, it will be a high-alert situation if you use your weave every night.


Healthy wig care practices

Wigs need much care and pampering; if they were maltreated, the result might be breakage and damage. Act following these healthy tips to make sleeping in a wig more fun.

  • Apply leave-in conditioner and hair mask on the wig to maintain the fibers.
  • Put argon oil, Grape seed oil, or coconut oil on human hair wigs and wig spray and serums on synthetic wigs to protect the hair from damage.
  • Always buy a good quality wig if you covet to have low maintenance required wig.
  • Own a water-based wig moisturizer( synthetic wig) and styling spray like Simply Stylin Light Silk Spray( for synthetic wig) for finger-flowing hair.


Can you sleep in a Lace Front wig? Positive points linked with

Can I wear a front lace wig during sleep?

Dealing with cancer, alopecia, and other issues and staying natural by wearing a lace front wig is a good idea. Lace front wigs mean when lace is placed on your forehead for a long-term stay on the head. Now, every lace wig wearer always searches in need of an answer. Can I wear a front lace wig during sleep? Our one-line answer to them is that you can sleep in your lace front wig, but it is only sometimes recommended.

These are the benefits of wearing a lace front wig during sleep.

Advantages/Benefits of Sleeping in a Wig

Going to bed to take a long nap in your wig will make its life short, but side by side, there are multiple benefits of sleeping in a lace front wig.

Get ready and look at the morning

If you toss on a curly wig at night and wrap it with a silk scarf, you will get an instant-ready look in the morning. Whether you want to go out with friends, arrange a party, or meet your boyfriend, you will get a pre-styled look with negligible touch-ups.

Self-confidence during bed sleep

Do you feel confident during the day but lose all your credence at bedtime due to bald hair spots?

If you share a night with a special one and be the guest of others, the lace front wig will boost confidence even during sleep. And trust me, my readers, proper lace front wig application will never be detectable.

Hair shield

If you have fragile and very thin natural hair and wish to save it from further damage, put on the lace front wig, and it will provide a protective barrier, safeguarding the natural hair from friction and environmental factors. Human natural hair loss chances become 0% from 100%.

Optimize your time

Do you a working lady as well a mother? Do you want to save time by wearing a wig at night to get an alluring look in the morning? Putting on a wig at night will save a lot of time and energy, and placing back the time the wig can be utilized on some other tasks. So follow the tips during the night and get ready to look for the office in the morning. Never putting on the glue every time on the forehead will save a bundle of time.


Experimenting different styles

Styling cannot be achieved only by using heating tools. It can be acquired by non-heating tools like Velcro and foam roller, which could be possible if you give your hair rest a whole night. Waking up with different frontal hairstyles without much effort is a positive point to sleeping in a wig.


No embarrassment of wrong re-installation

The wig’s expert typically installs a front lace wig, and the wrong installation technique may cause a lot of friction and tension on the scalp. Now, if, as a beginner, you try to flip it out and then reinstall it without seeking anyone’s help, the situation may turn bad for you. Therefore, if you go with to retain the wig during sleep, you can save yourself from these troubles.


The bedhead problem is now solved.

When the hair becomes messy due to lying on the bed, it is called bedhead. Sleeping in a wig will give the hair bedhead a very natural, playful, and polished look, and this bedhead will help you draw another hairstyle from the former messy hairdo.


Can you Sleep In a synthetic Wig? Consequences to face

Synthetic wig is made from fake fibers, so they get matted and tangled very soon. If someone asks the question Can they sleep in a synthetic wig? We strictly say A big No! Why sleeping in a synthetic wig is not recommended, and what are the disadvantages of sleeping in a wig? Let’s know it.

Disadvantages/ Reasons to never sleep in a Wig

Nobody wants to invest 200$+ on a wig and sleep with it and get it tangled. Why should you avoid sleeping in a wig? Discover the reasons…

Tangling causes friction

As you destroy, the hair rub against each other and the mattress and pillowcase, creating a lot of tangling; this matting will create severe friction on your head even if you lay primarily on your one side. Friction should be lessened because it can make the scalp itchy and more natural hair shedding.

Wig life comes to an end soon

Human hair wigs last for 2-5 years, and synthetic wigs are for 4-6 months if you wear your wig regularly at bedtime, so set your mind on the premature death of the wig.

Some tips may help you to increase lifespan of your  synthetic wig, you can follow.

Scalp soreness

Your hair also requires air and a natural environment. Now, continuously wearing a wig in A.M and P.M will create a lot of fungal infection, heat, and bacteria growth on the scalp because scalp moisture and heat during sleep will seal the scalp area and upshot in scalp itchiness and hair get loose from the straps.

Uncomfortable sleep

Do you wish to enjoy a peaceful Z’ssss to draw a blank of all-day worries? I suggest you not wear a wig during your bedtime because a wig at night means restless dreams and nightmares that destroy your sleep experience.

Poor hygiene problem

Having on the synthetic wig even at night will create a foul smell on the scalp, usually in summer’s peak time, and your one wrong decision will take a lot of your time to spend on its revival and maintenance.

Severe headache

Sometimes you notice a severe headache, especially immense pressure on both sides, because you create a high ponytail or big bun on your head and lay asleep. So, if your wig is styled in various disturbing hairdos, it will put pressure on the scalp and cause an intense migraine.

You may get addicted.

As you do one thing again and again, you get addicted to it. When you wear your wig regularly, you may be compulsive to it, feel ashamed in the bare head, and lose much of your confidence.

How to sleep with a wig install? Method for human, synthetic, and lace front wig

Sleeping in a wig, whether human hair, headband wig, synthetic, or lace front wig, is not recommended, but if you take the necessary measures, you can do it, but not daily.

Here is the method:

  1. Brush and detangle the hair and remove all the big and tiny knots from the wig using a comb or fingers.
  2. Secure some moisturizer with bobby pins, wig grip, and snap clips. For a lace front wig, tighten the lace area with a band or cotton or silk cloth.
  3. Set and braid or loose twist your hair. You can also make buns on each side.
  4. Put on the wig cap or sleep cap to provide extra protection to the wig hair.
  5. Style your hair in the morning.


Having confused yet, watch the video:

Confusing questions and clear answers

Can you sleep in a high-quality human hair wig?

Technically, it is ok to wear a high-quality wig at night, but it is not recommended in general cases. A human hair wig is very costly, although treated like your own hair, putting it on at night will amalgamate it and make it prone to breakage.

After how much time should I clean my wig If I sleep in it?

wig may quickly get matted and absorb natural dust and scalp oil, so it is recommended that after every 8-10 wears and 2-3 weeks, you must clean all the dirt.


Can I sleep in a headband wig?

Yes! Sleeping in a headband wig is possible, but again not recommended by the experts. Sleeping in a headband wig will disbalance the style and shorten the wig’s lifespan due to severe tangling.


How to prevent tangling when sleeping in a wig?

The tangling of the wig can be controlled by

  • Securing the hair with bobby pins
  • Put on a silk or satin scarves
  • Wig cap/ sleep cao
  • Brush again and again after the water spray

In a nutshell

Our daily routine is too busy, and we want to rest at night with total peace, but putting on your wig during sleep can create a lot of disturbance and lead your wig to death. Prioritize the longevity and beauty of hair by giving your scalp and wig a break and enjoy a comfortable and stress-less sleep.

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