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There are too many wig styles in the market for people to wear, but it isn’t evident to match the perfect wig according to the facial features. Among people of all types of facial features, its always been difficult to choose the best wig suitable for round-face people.

Wigs for round face shape

People with round faces don’t have very sharp features. They have fat accumulated on their face making their jawline more rounded and not well-defined. In such situations, wigs enhance facial features and sharpen the jawline, giving a beautiful look.

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What are the Tips and tricks to measure the round face?

Most people are unaware of their shape type. Knowing the exact face type for buying the same wig suitable for your face is vital. To measure the face type, you should follow the following steps

Measure forehead

First of all, measure the length of the forehead with the help of measuring tape.

Measure cheekbones

 Now measure the cheeks, starts, and ends just below the outer margin of each eye to measure the width of the face.

Measure jawline

Start from the top end just below the ear to measure the jawline.

Measure face length

Measure the distance between the hairline to the chin

Now note down the above-recorded measurements to know whether you have a round face!

There are different shape types like round, square, and oblong.

The face is considered round if your

  • Cheekbones have a similar distance as the face length
  • A giant forehead, as well as a jawline, contains identical measurements
  • The Jawline angle is softer.
Face types find your type

Difference between round, square, and oblong face shapes

Round face

Same length measurements of face length and cheekbones. The jawline is soft.

Square face

All relatively identical measurements with sharp jawline

Oblong face

This face shape has the most extensive length. The cheek, forehead, and jawline have identical measurements.

Here are some wig styles that are suitable for round faces:

If you have a round face, always choose a wig with layers long enough to reach the shoulder or even more length to make your jawline sharper and give your face a slim appearance.

Long wig style

For a round face, long wigs have always been a great choice. Long wigs balance the face’s wideness, enhancing facial features’ appearance by adding more volume to the hair. Kim wig is the best long wig used by people who have a round face

Kim wig

Kim wig long hair

Kim wig considers the best among long hair wigs if you have a round face. It is made of human hair and has a little wavy texture that reaches nearly the waist. One of the best things about a Kim wig is that it is lightweight and easy to wear for long days. It adds volume to the hair, adding sharpness to the jawline.

Short wig style

If you are a person who loves to style with short hair but have a round face, then no need to worry. A round face can also be styled with short hair wigs. But if you are confused about the type of short hair wigs that is suitable for round faces, then have a look at the following wigs;

Betty wig

betty wig for round face

 Betty’s wig is short enough in length. This wig is best suitable for working ladies and toddler moms because it’s too lightweight, easy to wear, and ideal for a round face. It has a wavy texture that adds volume to the hair, reducing the softness of the jawline.

Arlissa wig

Arlissa wig for round wig

It’s trendy among black women. It gives a natural look because of its very defined wavy texture with short length.

Pros of wearing a wig if you have a round face

Round face women should wear wigs because wigs can enhance the volume and density of hair. The higher volume can balance out the length with the width. Wig layers or waves can sharpen your jawline. Jawline shifts from the softer to the sharper. The facial features are enhanced prominently. To sum up, the overall looks and personalities of women with round faces wearing wigs have been enhanced to excellence.

Cons of wearing a wig if you have a round face

There are cons to wearing a wig, but it has nothing to do with a round face or any other face shape. There are equal disadvantages of wearing a wig for all people regardless of their face type.

One of the disadvantages of wearing a wig is the cost. They can be too expensive.

Last Tip

dye the wig because they can’t hold on to the colors, and repeatedly dying can damage the wig.

Wigs have the shortest lifespan, which means they cannot last for your whole life. But, yes there are some tips to follow for to increase lifespan of your wig. Many wigs of the highest quality can last for years, like 3 to 5 years or more.

Last, wearing wigs day to day bases can cause dandruff or scalp allergy. It can be avoided if hygiene care is maintained.


Do women look hot in wigs?

Yes! Women look hot and stylish when wearing a wig. Wig not only enhances the features of the face by adding density to the hair but even influences your personality. Wigs are widely used in the fashion industry to add glamour to the character.

Which wig looks more natural?

Many wigs look natural, but the wig with wave and curl looks more natural and realistic among all the types of wigs. These wigs can be Kim wigs if you like long hair, Betty wig, and arlissa wig if you like short hair.

Which wig is easy to wear?

Almost all kinds of wigs are easy to wear. It requires a bit of practice. It would be best if you practiced once or twice. After that, you are good to go.

Is it considered healthier to wear the wig daily?

It’s Okay! Just put on your weave and discover what you are interested in. You can carry it at a dance party, birthday party, or anniversary function with complete confidence.

Is it normal to sleep while wearing a wig?

It is not typical and not Okay at all. Wearing a wig at the time of sleep gives you an uncomfortable sensation that can disturb your sleep.

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