How to Thin Out Your High-Density Wig: Tips and Tricks

how to thin out a wig-detail guide

Do you have a high-density wig that looks fake and unnatural? Are you struggling to manage your thick wig during the hot weather? Thinning out the wig can solve these problems for you Different densities of wigs are available in the market, but not all densities look good on everyone. We will help you choose the right density of wigs for your hair and face with practical tips and tricks on how to thin out your wig, whether you want to do it at home or at a salon. 

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Different percentages of density

wig density types explained
The wigs density is mostly

Which wig density will suit you?

Not every density of wig looks good on you. It is suggested to choose the correct percentage of density for your hair. First of all, measure the thickness of your natural hair. If your natural hair is thin but has an acceptable density, then wig density between 130-150% may look well on you. But if your natural hair is too thick, wig density between 180-250% may look good and give you a natural appearance.

You can  discover the best wig density for your perfect look,

Reasons to thin out the wig?

One of the reasons for Thinning out the wig is because of the hot weather. A thick wig may not cause air to enter the scalp, leaving a sweaty scalp. Sweaty scalp makes life difficult for almost all working people. Besides this, it isn’t easy to make a hairstyle if the wig is too thick.

The other reason for thinning out the wig is that it doesn’t look real and natural.

Thick wigs could have gone better with most hairstyles and face shapes. Thick hairs are tough to handle when making hairstyles, so people prefer to have their wig density thinner.

 Some manufacturers customize the wide wigs because you can thin them out when needed.

Those who are new to buying wigs and need more ideas and experience with wigs consider thick wigs a fake look. They need to learn that they could also have thinned out their wigs.

How to thin out your high-density wig?

Thinning out the wig is rare for people new to this field. Two ways can do the practice of thinning wigs.

Take your thick wig to the hair-dresser

Taking the wig to the hairstylist is an effective practice but costly at the same point. A hairstylist has the experience and helps you to achieve the right thickness of a wig that looks fair to your personality.

The hairstylist may charge you some amount and help you achieve your wig’s ideal thickness. Still, most people prefer to avoid taking the wig to the professional for the thinning because it’s a bit expensive, and you need to take time from your busy schedule to go to the hairstylist.

Thin out your thick wig at home

You can also thin out your wig at home with some experience. If you are out of practice, using an old wig is suggested for practice purposes first. You can use any old or rough wig that is no longer in anyone’s use, and it’s necessary to have some knowledge to thin out the wig. Furthermore, thinning out wigs at home might save you time and money.

Thinning out the wig is required when it is way too thick and looks unreal and fake when you wear it. Many people want to achieve different looks, and some people don’t like wide wigs because thick wigs are not suited well to their faces, and some prefer to wear thin wigs because of the hot weather.

Companies tend to make thick wigs because it’s easier to thin them out. Removing or cutting some hair from the wig is possible instead of adding hair to it.

Thinning out the wig may require thinning scissors instead of ordinary scissors. Thinning scissors may trim the wig hairs presenting a fabulous and natural haircut instead of making any disaster and giving you a clean look.

Tools that you should have for thinning out the wig at home

  • Wig stand
  • Comb
  • Hair clips
  • Shear scissor

Steps for thinning out the wig

  • First, brush the wig through your fingers or comb it well and place it on the wig stand.
  • Make the partition of hair using hair clips.
  • It always begins from the top instead of the bottom.
  • Always thin out from the bottom layer, not from the outer layer.
  • The stubby hair of the wig is achieved if you cut them close to the roots.
  • Make a small cut from every partition of the hair so that the hairs are equally blended.

A wispy look is achieved if the layer of hair is twisted up and cuts down at the 45° angle, just like chopping the hair. It makes the hair tips look sharp and apparent.

Top Considerations for Achieving a Natural and Comfortable Look with Thinning Your Wig

It is essential to use the Shear scissor for thinning out the wig because one side comprises a comb-like surface that helps trim the hair instead of giving straight cuts. Shear scissors help to trim the hair, which offers a more realistic look. It is also essential to place the comb side of the shear scissor downwards and the blade side upwards. Wigs tend to tangle very quickly, so combing it first before thinning out the hair is integral.

Tips and tricks

Thinning out the wig has always been a challenge for newcomers, so while thinning out the wigs, there are some tips and tricks that should be kept in mind, like always partitioning hair or making a small section of hair of your wig and ensuring to trim each division at the moment.

Always pick up the scissor so that its smother side always faces upside while notches should be at the downside way.


What is the suitable density of the wigs?

Measuring the correct density of the wig is very easy. It’s essential to wear the wig and look in the mirror. If the wig looks unrealistic and fake, cut the wig hair from the top side close to the base until you achieve the density that looks fit to your face and personality.

Why is it essential to use shear scissors to thin the wig?

Ordinary scissors are used for cutting things, but shear scissors are used for trimming hair. In case of thinning out the hair, it’s recommended to use the shear scissor because its main objective is to trim the hair, not simply cut the hair. Trimmed hair might effectively get blend into each other.

Why the wig looks too Bulky on my head?

The wig needs to be bulkier because of its density, which doesn’t complement your facial features and shape. Not every density of wig suits well to all. Everyone has a different face shape, features, and other ways to carry out their personality. That’s why some companies make the thick wig so you can quickly thin it out when it looks bulky.

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