How to Cover Bald Spots Temporary and Permanent

Tips to Cover Bald Spots detailed guide

Dear reader! You might be searching for how to cover bald spots among women or you might be looking for effective ways to hide crown balding. Well, lucky you! I have compiled some tips for you.

As a hair consultant, I can tell that facing baldness can be exhausting. It creates a lot of stress among people. A decade ago, it was considered taboo and was never a part of any kind of open discussion. However, thanks to human advancement, today we not only have solutions, but we can also have healthy debates to overcome this situation. So, let’s get to our topic.

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What are bald spots?

What are bald spots and to hide them complete guide

Bald spots or spot baldness is a condition that causes hair loss from either some or all parts of the human body and is commonly known as alopecia areata. Mostly, people face bald patches on their scalp, which can be alarming. Both women and men face this condition. However, the cases are much more common among men compared to women.

What causes bald spots among women?

According to research, several reasons cause bald spots among women. Some of them include:


Some women get baldness as a part of their genes. After reaching a certain age, they start experiencing this condition. The most common name for this cause is androgenic alopecia.

Hormonal changes

Women that undergo hormonal changes can also suffer from hair loss. These hormonal changes occur mostly during pregnancy or during menopause. Thyroid problems in women can also cause hair loss among women.

Medical conditions

Hair loss can also be due to medical conditions such as alopecia. Sometimes different scalp infections can also cause hair loss.

Chemical therapies and Medications

Women suffering from heart issues or arthritis consume medications that cause hair loss. Chemotherapy for cancer patients also causes hair loss.

Poor Blood circulation

Our body functions regulate properly through blood circulation. Poor circulation of blood can also cause hair loss.

Trauma and stress

Yes, you can face hair loss because of stress. People that undergo any emotional or physical trauma can also suffer from baldness.

Poor Diet

You might have heard the saying, “We are what we eat!”. A poor diet can also cause hair loss. For healthy hair, one must consume healthy foods.


Exposure of hair to harsh chemicals and too much heat during styling can cause hair loss among women.

Can a bald spot grow back?

The answer depends on the cause of your hair loss. If the hair loss that you are facing is temporary, such as because of chemotherapy, then yes, your hair will grow back. If your hair loss is genetic, then sadly, it won’t be able to grow back.

How to hide a bald spot among women?

There are certain ways through which you can hide your bald patches. I am dividing them into two categories for your better understanding. The choice is yours.

How to cover a bald spot temporarily?

How to cover a bald spot permanently?

How to cover a bald spot temporarily?

There are lots of ways described below through which you can temporarily cover a bald spot. So, stop worrying and better start reading!

Hair Cover-up Spray

The foremost thing, I recommend for covering your bald spots is a hair cover-up spray. If you are in a hurry or you need a temporary and instant fix for your bald spot, then a cover-up spray is the right product for you. Hair cover-up sprays are in trend these days and are the first choice of most hairstylists when it comes to instant fixing. They are suitable for all types of balding, whether it be crowned balding or bald patches on the sides.

Pros of Hair Cover-up sprays
  • They take less time.
  • Instantly add volume to hair.
  • Easily cover your bald spots.
  • Boost your self-confidence.
  • Easily accessible and have affordable rates.
  • Removed easily with a shampoo.
  • They last long and stay on until your next shower.
Cons of hair cover-up sprays:
  • They look better from far away but won't look that good from close.
  • They are not suitable for rainy days.
  • You cannot apply it over wet hair. So, you have to wait for the hair to get dry.

How to apply a cover-up spray?

How to apply a cover-up spray to hide your bald spots

Applying a hair cover-up spray is not a big deal. However, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind during application.


  • Make sure that your hair is dry.
  • Shake the can well before opening.
  • Choose the right spot.
  • For a big bald patch, make sure that the hair cover-up spray is only a couple inches apart. For less coverage, keep the can 6 to 8 inches apart from your hair.
  • Spray the exact amount that is needed.
  • Try to blend the colors so they seem natural.

Hair cover-up sprays can cover bald spots as well as the grey roots of your hair.

How to choose the right cover-up spray for yourself?

While choosing the right cover-up spray for your hair,

 Make sure that the ingredients are good for your skin and that you are not allergic to them.

Check customer reviews before buying, that the product works well.

Make sure that the colors go well with your natural hair.

Make sure that it’s durable.

Keratin Fibers

As an alternative to cover-up sprays, you can use keratin Fibers that come in the form of powders. They also add color and volume to your bald spots. You can either buy Toppik Hair Fibers or Caboki Hair Fibers. They both are easily available on Amazon.

Cover-up powders

They are applied just like your makeup. All you need is a brush and just apply the powder on the areas that you need to hide.

Get a wig

Another better solution to hide your balding scalp is to get a wig

Another better solution to hide your balding scalp is to get a wig. When it comes to wigs, there is a wide range of variety that you can choose from. A wig not only helps you to hide your baldness but it also can offer you a lot of flexibility for styling your hair. Mostly you will come across the following hair types in the market.

Synthetic hair, human hair, Remy human, Virgin hair, all explained in infographic
Pros of hiding bald spots with a wig
  • Can completely hide your bald spots.
  • Offer a wide range of styles.
  • Give a natural look.
Cons of hiding bald spots with a wig:
  • Is costly.
  • Installation takes time.

Compared to other wig types, for a natural and realistic look, it is recommended to purchase a Lace Front wig.

Along with hair cover-up sprays, wigs are also a better choice for crown balding females.


Use Clip-in extensions to hide bald spots on the sides

Clip-in extensions are also a better and instant fix option if you are facing bald spots on the sides. The extensions mostly com e with clips that can be attached to your natural hair, and this way you can add volume to your hair with a realistic look.

Hair care routine

For thick hair, it is recommended to have a hair care routine. You have to start caring for your hair so that the ones you are left with should get healthy and look thick. You can use products like Biolage advanced full-density thickening shampoo. It will help you a lot by mimicking thick hair on your scalp. You can easily purchase it on Amazon.

Hair Oils

For thousands of years, humans have been using hair oils and their results are always astonishing

It is always recommended to use hair oils for healthy hair. For thousands of years, humans have been using hair oils and their results are always astonishing. If oiling is not a part of your hair care routine, then better make it. Oiling your hair won ‘t stop your hair fall, however, it will help in improving your hair growth. There is a wide range of variety that you can choose from, such as Argan hair oil, coconut hair oil, etc.

Hair serums

Use skin serums for healthy hair and thick hair.

Just like skin serums, there are hair serums that are helpful for your hair growth. They help in thickening your hair and help in looking healthier. If you are looking for instant fixing, then serums are a good choice for you.

Dye your hair

If your bald spots aren’t that big, you can try changing your hair color. Dyeing your hair can also help you in making your bald spots less visible.

Changing hairstyles

If you are facing bald spots, you can try changing your hairstyle to hide the visible spots. There are certain styles that you can go with.

Layered Haircuts

You can add layers to your hair. Adding layers to those areas of the scalp, especially those that are facing baldness, can help in hiding the bald spots.

Side-swept bangs

Bangs are also very helpful in hiding bald spots. You can add them to your bald spots or just simply swipe them in the direction where they can hide your bald spot.

Parting styles

You can change your hair part to hide your bald spots or simply just choose a parting hairstyle that makes your hair fall naturally in a way that covers your bald spots.

Braid Styles

Braid your hair to hide your bald spots

Braiding can also help in hiding your bald spots. All you have to do is to choose a style that forms braids along the balding area.

Blow-dry techniques

Use Blow-dry techniques to hide bald spots.

You can blow-dry your hair for a puffy look. This will not only give you a unique look, but will also help you in hiding your balding areas.

Go with curls

If you are suffering from bald spots, you can make use of curling your hair. You can add curls to your hair according to the need and they will also help you to hide your bald spots.

Avoid tight hairstyles

Tight hairstyles also make your bald spots visible. It is always recommended to go with loose hairstyles.

Go with short hairstyles

Shorter hairstyles will make your bald spots less visible compared to long hairstyles.

Mark my words! Shorter hairstyles will make your bald spots less visible compared to long hairstyles.

Scalp exfoliation

Scalp exfoliation will help you in removing dead skin from your scalp. This, as a result, will open the pores of your skin and will boost your hair growth.

Avoid heating styles

As a victim of bald spots, you should always avoid using temperature on your hair. Always go with styles that require less or no heat at all.

Add accessories

You can add different accessories to hide your bold spots. This will not only help you in hiding the spots, but will also help you in improving your style. There are different types of accessories that you can add.

Use hats

You can simply put on a hat and it will give you a stylish look along with hiding your bald spot

You can simply put on a hat and it will give you a stylish look along with hiding your bald spot.

Use scarves

Use scarves to hide your bald spots from the front.

 You can use scarves to hide your bald spots. Scarfs are also a good solution for crown balding females as well as those who are facing baldness in the front.

Use headbands

Use headbands to hide the bald patches.

If you are facing baldness along the hairline, you can sim ply go with headbands to hide the bald patches.

How to cover a bald spot permanently?

There are some affective ways to get rid of bald spots permanently.


Some medications can help you in gaining back your hair

Some medications can help you in gaining back your hair. Such as Minoxidil is an FDA-app roved medication that is used to treat female-pattern hair loss. Females with iron deficiency can lower their hair fall by consuming iron supplements.

Hair loss caused by vitamin deficiencies among women can be treated using vitamin supplements. However, it is strictly advised to consult a medical professional before consuming any medication.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is another way to gain your hair back. The treatment involves the use of a laser to boost your hair growth. However, such processes can be costly.

Hair Transplant

Some people opt for hair transplants when it comes to balding. This procedure involves taking hair from one side of the skin and adding them to the bald part. This process is quite effective and usually lasts a lifetime.


Use Micro-pigmentation to get rid of bald spots permanent.

It is also known as permanent make-up. The procedure involves tattooing on the bald spots to mimic natural hair. This process can also be considered a permanent solution for hiding bald spots.

The above techniques and solutions can be used to cover bald spots among women. However, the last piece of advice that I will give you is about embracement. Today, humans have evolved a lot when it comes to ethics. We should not let these things turn into something that can be used to create discrimination among people. We should embrace ourselves the way we are because our uniqueness is what makes us beautiful, so let’s just embrace it and help the world in normalizing it. 🙂

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