How To Hide Wig Hairline? Must Know Factors & Secrets

How to hide wig hairline pro tips and guide

Greetings Wig-wearers! I hope you are enjoying life. Being here tells me that you are concerned about how to hide your wig hairline or that you cannot blend it properly to achieve the desired natural look. Well, your worries are over, as I have compiled some excellent tips for you today!

Last week I visited a friend who runs her salon, and we discussed many concerning issues that almost every wig-wearer faces. We chatted about how to make the wig hairline look natural. Trust me; I learned a lot! And we know that sharing is caring. So, why not share those tips with you as well?

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Why is hiding wig hairline a big concern?

As a wig lover, the foremost concern is about the Hairline. Whenever we buy a new wig, the Hairline is too neat to resemble our natural Hair. No matter how much effort we put, we are not able to achieve the desired natural look. However, this is not the end of the world. It all starts with choosing the right hair wig for yourself.

Choosing the best hair wig

Types of Hair

Synthetic hair, human hair, Remy human, Virgin hair, all explained in infographic

As a beginner, you will come across many wigs and hair types, which will surely confuse you. So, let us take a quick look at the different kinds of Hair used.

Wig Size

Many wig wearers let this step slide; surprisingly, it matters a lot when it comes to gaining a natural look. You have to ensure that your wig size fits you perfectly and isn’t too loose or too tight for your head. It will give you a better look if it works.

Wig Hairline

Different wigs come with different hairstyles and hairlines. You must ensure your Hairline goes well with your face structure and skin tone. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee you a perfectly natural look.

Wig Hairline and how to hide it

Wig color and Hair Dying your wig

I always recommend people to choose the right color for their regular wigs. It is lovely to go with odd colors for different occasions. However, as I mentioned, it is occasional, and you cannot just go on with those colors in your daily routine. For a natural and more defined look, go for those colors that go well with your skin color and blend easily with your overall style. If you have a human hair wig, you can always dye it. But not again and again. Or you will end up damaging it!

Which hair type is best for hiding the wig hairline?

The hair type depends on your budget. However, synthetic hair wigs are often cheap and have a glossy look that is unsuitable for natural looks. Natural hair wigs are the ideal choice for a more realistic look for professionals.

Which is the best wig for hiding the Hairline?

Of all the hair types, human hair wigs give the best natural look, and among the wigs, Lace front wigs are the best for hiding the Hairline. Lace front wigs are best at creating the illusion that the Hair is coming from your scalp. They come with lace that can be blended with the skin to give a more natural and realistic look.

Tips for hiding your wig Hairline

Now that I have guided you in choosing the suitable wigs for yourself. Let me give you the tips I have gathered with my friend on hiding your Hairline. I have divided them into three categories for your better and easier understanding.

Before wig application.

During wig application.

After wig application.

Before wig application

These tips and tricks you can do before actually wearing a wig on your head.

Buying a thin lace

My first recommendation for hiding the Hairline is always to buy a lace front wig with thin lace. Never spend your hard-earned money on wigs that come with thick lace, as this will create a lot of hassle for you. So, always go with the thin lace. The lighter the lace, the easier it will be to blend it.

Plucking the Hairline

Yes, you read that right! Newly bought wigs often come with straight hairlines that do not give a natural look. However, the Hairline on your head is messy. To resemble that, you have to pluck some hair along the Hairline. Pluck them in a way that gives a naturally messy look. However, this step is not just crucial but very intricate as well. So, take your time and avoid putting too much pressure on your wig. Otherwise, you will end up creating holes in your wig.

the Hairline on your head is messy. To resemble that, you have to pluck some hair along the Hairline

Using tints underneath

Yes, you can apply makeup underneath your wig so that the lace is colored and matches your skin tone. However, I recommend using tints made explicitly for this as they are less hassle. They come in different colors, and you can use them according to your requirement. For instance, if you have a dark complexion, you can go with the tan. The tints will not only help you in hiding your Hairline but will also help you in hiding the overall color of the lace used underneath your wig that can pop out while parting your Hair.

Using tints underneath to hide your wig hairline

Using Silicone Adhesives

They are strips that resemble tape but are made up of silicone. You can use them underneath your wig by simply pasting them. They are a quick solution when you have to give a natural look to the scalp while wearing your wig. However, it will provide a line of separation you must hide by applying some makeup. Another con is that they are primarily in light colors. So, if you are looking for dark shades, this option isn’t going to suit. But, Hey! Hang on; I still have plenty of methods for you.

Using Silicone Adhesives to hide your wig hairline

Fake Scalp material

You can use fake scalp material for your wig. It comes in different complexions and is just like a fabric. This process will be time-consuming for the first time as you have to sew the material beneath your wig. However, the fabric lasts longer, can be used repeatedly, and won’t wash off that easily. It also won’t give the line of separation, and I can assure you that it blends well. This will make the lace of your lace front wig look like your scalp.

Use Fake Scalp material for natural wig hairline

Hide lace holes using glue and makeup (Fake Scalp)

To hide the hair grids, you can make a mixture of makeup with glue and apply it underneath to fill the grid. After drying it up, you will see that the lace will look like your scalp. Now the tips for this method are to use either your foundation or your eyeshadow to add color to the glue. The color should be one color darker than your actual tone. And before applying the mixture, let it settle for some minutes so it gets a bit dense and does not seep through the lace. And the results are going to astonish you. I will recommend “Schwarzkopf Got2b Glued,” which can be easily bought online. I have seen people getting a natural look out of this, and you, too, will get a fake look of the scalp that will not only help you get a natural parting line but will also give your lace front wig a more natural hairline.

Old is gold

I will never recommend wearing a new wig as it will have that packaging shape, which won’t help you get a natural form. You will have to let it settle for a while on the wig stand. Trust me! The older a wig becomes, the more natural it looks.

However, do not go for too-old wigs, as expired wigs are useless. Replace your wigs regularly for better results.


Say no to shine.

Never opt for shiny wigs. Most synthetic wigs come with a shine that gives them a fake look. Never go for them. Even some human hair wigs have a gloss, specifically when new. For that, I will recommend you to throw a little bit of powder over your Hair. And poof! The fake shine will go away.

During wig application

Now that you know the tips before wearing your wig. There are some hacks that you can apply while putting on your wig.

Prepare your natural Hair.

The first and foremost thing every wig professional tells you before wearing a wig is to wash your Hair and settle them down, and I am repeating the same. It’s not suitable for your wig if you have greasy hair underneath. It won’t settle well. Secondly, do not create thick braids of your Hair underneath. Make sure that your Hair lay flat and adjust them so that they don’t make your head look big when you are wearing a wig.

Wear a wig cap.

You will have to wear a wig cap to settle your wig. A wig cap will also help in holding your natural Hair together. I recommend you not to get a get wig cap other than that of your skin color. This will help you blend the color of the lace of your front wig, and you will have a more natural look.

A wig cap will also help in holding your natural Hair together

Cutting excessive lace

Most lace front wigs come with a lot of lace that pops out, so always cut the excessive lace along the Hairline. Here is a tip, A zig-zag pattern is best instead of a straight line, as it will help you blend the lace with your skin.

Use a cream foundation to blend it properly, and Boom! You will see that the Hairline will be hardly noticeable.

Secure your wig with Adhesives

While applying your wig, you have to settle your wig correctly. The more it sticks to your skin, the better it will give you a natural look. You can use a lot of materials for this.

  • Glue Method

    Use glue to stick your wig. You can even use lace melting sprays for your convenience.

  • Gel Method

    Use gel to stick your wig for easy removal.

  • Tape Method

    Use a double-sided wig tape to adjust your wig.

Whatever suits you best. You just have to make sure that your wig won’t fall off.

Align wig hairline with natural Hairline

Always align your wig with your actual Hairline. Changing that will also make your wig noticeable. Don’t make your forehead too broad or too small. Adjust your wig to an ideal position, and you will see the magic of it as it blends with your face.

After wig application

These are some of the tricks you can go for after putting on your wig. 

Blend the lace well

Ensure the lace matches your skin tone, and apply foundation or concealer where necessary. You can also apply makeup in between the part to reach your scalp, and your lace front wig gives you a more natural look. Some people often apply too much makeup, or the makeup is not according to their skin tone. Better not make this mistake!

Lace melting sprays also help in achieving a natural hairline. If you want to learn more about them, read “Achieve a flawless hairline with the best lace melting sprays”.

Fake baby hair

If you have a lace front wig, you will see some baby hair along the Hairline. Also, you will find strands of thin Hair that are left after you are done with plucking. So, use that Hair. Comb down your baby hair and set them up in a way that resembles your natural Hair. Some professionals lay down the baby hair by applying a bit of glue over them. They also help in mimicking a natural hairline. This is also among the common mistakes that beginners make. They do not make use of those tiny hair around. So, do make use of them.

Use Fake baby hair for natural wig hairline

Hair shadowing technique

It’s one of the techniques that most professionals use where you see an artist using fine brush strokes and shadow-like pigment to create a 3d effect along the wig hairline that resembles the appearance of natural Hair. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube that actually help in learning this technique. It can also help you in contouring your Hairline to create an illusion of a natural hairline with a lace front wig.

Use Hair shadowing technique for to look natural

Using a wand

A wand works like an actual magic wand when you have to flatten your Hair. I will definitely recommend it for use as it will help you in making your Hair flat, which will resultantly make your part more prominent. If your style involves flat Hair on your scalp, then you should go for a wand to get a more natural look from your wig.

Using a wand explained for to make your wig hairline natural

Styling your Hair

If you are lazy, like me at times, then there is a way to skip most of the efforts applied to hiding your Hairline. I will recommend you to get a hairstyle that actually hides your Hairline. There are a lot of styles for you. For instance, you can add bangs to your wig that will help you a lot in hiding your wig hairline.

Always mess them up!

The final tip that I got for you is to mess up your wig hair, always!

Natural Hair never looks neat, and as most of the wigs have a very neat settlement of Hair, you have to mess it up a bit to get a more natural look.

These are some of the tips I learned, and now, you, too, are aware of them. I’ll be very happy to know if they helped you in hiding your Hairline. All that you need to do is a bit of an effort and have some patience. I assure you that the results will definitely be satisfying.

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