How to hide thinning hair in men and women: Tips and Tricks

Thinning hair and the present circumstance situation are interlinked. Do you feel that your hair thinning day by day? The ultimate weather change, and due to some medical issues, your hair may get thinner, which is a black spot on your personality. If you are under 30 and prematurely faced with bared and bald skin, you must go through our especially detailed-oriented article that gives you complete fledge information about tips and tricks to cope with this problem even at home.

Are you excited to get combo techniques for thinning hair? So, let’s get commenced.

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What causes why our hair to get thin?

Thinning hair could be a disturbing factor for men and especially for women because women have this distinct icon in their personality to impress others. Firstly, before knowing how to disguise thinning hair, we will talk about the exact reason for thinning hair.

1- Age

OH! This point is what everyone is aware of. To be very clear, your hair growth will be reduced or, to some extent, totally stopped due to the age cycle. If you consider that you never touch your 30 and still face hair fall, the matter may be different. You need to take account.

2- Hormonal changes

Some hormones under over skin are responsible for the goodness of our outer skin, but if you are going through the phase of pregnancy, dealing with birth control or menopause, you will be in a condition to face baldness and thinning of hair due to natural phenomenon of hormonal misbalance.

3- Alopecia and other diseases

A few times, you can pass through the brutal reality of life and have some disease that can harm your personality; that disease could be alopecia (in which hair disappears in small patches and skin itchiness), cancer, high blood pressure, intense depression, and arthritis ( severe joint swelling). Autoimmune diseases like lupus, thyroid, and Grave’s ailments, including hyperthyroidism, could affect hair growth and result in thinning hair.

4- Too much heat and dyes

Heat in any way could be dangerous for your scalp, resulting in a hair fall. If you are a person who loves to style their hair with a curler, roller, and straightener and deal with hair loss, the out-turn is the overdyes and direct heat on your scalp. A terrific tip to you is that always set the degree of your hair styling products at 350 degrees.

5- Weather circulation and less hair on the head

While we researched this topic one reason we go through was that weather change may affect your hair’s health. If the weather is sunny and suddenly winter comes, and you still pamper your coat according to summer’s precautions, your hair may get damaged and thinned. So, always be intelligent and aware of the weather condition too.

6- Genetic abnormality

Genetic genes transfers good and bad qualities of parents to their children. Now, if the mother has hair fall and poor hair growth issues, the child will also have to live with this scenario.

7- Low blood circulation

The hair growth process starts with a small capsule produced in skin follicles. This capsule takes 2-3 years to grow healthy in the inner skin( anagen stage) and then further circulate the blood to appear as baby hair on the outer skin ( called the catagen stage). These follicles rest for a few months and are active again for further hair generation ( Telogen stage). It has been researched to prove that Testosterone+DHT androgen is actively liable for healthy hair production, and ANDROGEN RECEPTOR GENE is a quick way to improve your T+DHT levels. If someone is thinking about improving their receptor gene’s performance, the only path to resistance training is enhancing it.

Tips to cover thinning hair in just 2 minutes

Have you any tips to disguise thinning hair? Here are my collected ways.

1- Wigs would be a great idea.

Do you look at thinning hair and be worried about this problem? Just relax and breathe in. A clever idea is given to you to use a wig on your skin to hide your baldness. Wigs save you from embarrassment and add a pompous good feature to your persona.

2- Sprays for scalp

Have you noticed that you see much hair while taking a bath or combing your hair? If yes! You need to calm down and have fun to hide it by using hair sprays. Yes, this could be an exciting way to look young and vogue. TOPPICK HAIR FILLER is perhaps a 100% workable product for thinning hair because it is weather resistant and made with keratin that works best for baby hair generation.

3- Crown weave

This hard phase is mostly faced by men when their hair grows less on their crown part, sometimes genetically or a few times due to alopecia. Now a question arises: What do you require to do if you have a shortage of handsome amounts to buy expensive wigs? The hair toppers, tiny hair extensions, and crown weave could be a good option to remove your wishes.

4- Trendy and shocking hairstyles

How to disguise thinning hair with hairstyles?You can follow so many hairstyles or hide your baldness and fine hair. Here you go with some of the best-collected hairstyles for thinning hair for women.

 Comb-over hair cut

Comb over hair cut hairstyle for thin hair

The haircut in this list may be a pixie, layered, or bob cut. It is a sensational and incredible hairdo for teenagers and women in their 40s. It is perfect because hair is short or brief on the sides but creates a fuller look due to the heavy fur on the head’s top.

Tip: Facing hair fall could be an emotional part, but one plus point is that you must cut your hair too short and add layers to your cut because long hair may burden your roots, resulting in front baldness.

 Double ponytail

Double ponytail hairstyle to hide thin hair scalp

Ponytail could be a good option for a fun party or a business meeting. A double ponytail is a design in which you take some part of your hair, tighten it with a ribbon, and make one pony on the upper side to hide the under pony and give full coverage to your hair. This style got much appreciation on TikTok and now becomes a viral hairdo for thinning hair.

 Bun over the thin area style

Bun over the thin area style hairstyle for thin hair scalp

It is a very demanding hairstyle every girl wants to do because it may perfectly hide your thin areas and add a shimmer to your personality. Another feature of this style is requiring a bun and some standard pins to cover it, which is cheaper.

 Low Ponytail

Low Ponytail hairstyle for thin hair scalp

A tight hairdo may damage your hair’s front area and result in a very unbearable result. So let your hair be in a low ponytail to add super ease to your look and create an elegant look to inspire others.

Hide thinned hair with grey colour

Attaining the outcome of something might be difficult, but always be superior to learning something odd for your side. Dyeing hair roots in grey colour after 2-3 weeks or after one month may create a fuller and healthy look. So, always try to play with bold and dark colours like brunette (dark brown).

How can I prevent my hair from thinning?

Did you notice your bare skin all of a sudden? Do you afraid of further thinning of hair? You can stop this condition by following our specially implemented tips and techniques to prevent thinning hair. Here you go.

1- Oil is a healthy way of hair production

Using oil to get quick outcomes is traditional all over the world. Massage of this oil can put a miracle on your skin and make it breathable. So, here is the list of the best oils to reduce hair fall or baldness

Argon oil Castor oil Onion oil Almond oil
Protect your hair from sunlight
A thick oil to improve blood circulation
Increase collagen production that results in new baby hair
Best for dry scalp
Repair the edges
Massage your skin once a week, and you may be surprised
Keeps the pH of hair at an average level
It gives your hair a turning point
Rich in antioxidants and vitamin E
Rich in vitamin E, Protein, anti-microbial
Rich in minerals, sulfur, and protein
Rich in vitamin E, fatty acid, magnesium, and protein
Also known as liquid gold
Makes hair lustrous
Best home remedy for shiny hair
It can be applied directly to get gorgeous hair

2- Supplements

The blackness of anything that your body may face can be covered with supplements. Now, we are only talking about hair and thinning problems, so firstly, you should go with a healthy diet to attain more upshot in a limited time. Blooming diet may include Biotin, which may be taken from egg yolk, nut butter, almond, banana, and whole grain. To boost your blood circulation to end the problem of thinning hair, you must include vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin D, zinc, Biotin, and iron in your diet.

3- Stay 100 miles away from a hot shower.

One reason we notice thinning hair is to shower with super-hot water. This oppressor water not only makes your skin dry but also snatches all the moisture from your hair, leading to hair fall.

Tip: Wash your hair more often to keep your scalp neat and not allow it to produce germs

4- Be wise to use the right hair products

If the situation is not under your control, what to do? It would be best if you did much research to find the best products for your thinning hair. Always use hair care products free from ammonia, detergent, and polymers. Applying chemicals in the shape of hair dyes, products made with silicon and phthalates can harm your hair to get thin.

5- Say a big No to aggressive towel drying

While washing your hair, you must wash it hereabouts position. After cleaning it, dry it with a soft hand instead of rubbing it with a hand towel because this method will reduce the shine and moisture from your hair that you get from branded shampoo.

Tip: Avoid combing wet hair, and always start brushing the hairs from roots to top.

6- Sleep like diurnal animals

Taking a good sleep will keep you active throughout the day and substantially impact your skin and hair. All the genes work better when the human body is resting, so it takes 8-9 hours of sleep to get unbreakable hair.

7- Ten 10 minutes hair mask

The more you add sugar to something, the more good consequence you will get. Give your hair pamper not only by using a good shampoo but also by using a mask to deal with thinning hair. You must take one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of coconut oil, mix it on your palm, apply it for 10-20 minutes, and wonder about the results. KÉRASTASE GENESIS STRENGTHENING HAIR MASK could be a readymade option for you.

8- Refrain from heating tools

Do you wish to get unimpaired hair without any striving? One tip is waiting for you to avoid too many heating tools on your hair. The hair straightener, curlers, rollers, and diffusers may damage the excellent nutrient and make your hair dull.

How to lock up the thinning hair in front of women?

Natural hair is a good blessing of the lord, and losing it could be an emotional feeling. Hair mostly tends to decrease from the crown area or from the front hairline. So, what are the methods to hide thinning hair in front of women? Do you know before? If not, let’s have an insight about it.

Wiglet Yeah! We find the way

You can also buy a wiglet with the name hair topper or clip-in hair extension. The women who detect it very difficult to handle a whole wig always prefer to use small hair extensions to cover their front bare forehead area to throw more classic vibes.

Fill the bald area

Covering a bald area with a covering spray takes 2 minutes and gives you a natural look, and it is within your range to have it. Loreal professional hair touchup root concealer is a magnificent choice to own it. The other method may include mascara, covering powder and black or brown eyebrow pencils to create an artificial hairline.

Give a wide berth from hair parting

It is noticed that intermixing the hair by making a zigzag saves your hair from brittleness. If you mostly turn your hair to the right side of your frontline, keep it on the other side after every two weeks because the hair production may reduce from the other side where you never move your hair to that part.

Blow dry with a round brush

Some techniques, if researched based, can make you the master of the day. Always blow dry your hair with a round brush because it will give it an entire look, add Volume, and be too convenient to use. Now you are looking for the best round brush, and Ceramic Barrel Brush is the best option because it is super trendy to cope with dry low heat, and its Nano-technology ends the brittleness of your hair quickly.

Which hair volumizing products are best for thinning hair?

Thinned hair may be thickened by applying some quality products and giving proper attention. Here you get the ways.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Buying a costly shampoo is different from the exact solution for thinning hair. Some points must be considered briefly, like viewing that your selected shampoo and conditioner would have no alcohol molecules because alcohol causes brittleness to your hair. Further, a great tip is to purchase a shampoo in which caffeine and ketoconazole features are crucial to managing thinning hair. A few bestselling shampoos for thinning hair are

  • Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Unscented Foam
  • Nioxin Kit ( shampoo + conditioner + styling products)
  • Oribe Gold Lust Repair and Restore Shampoo

Hair Mousse

Do you want to show versatility in your hairdo, like your personality, while having thin hair? So, please don’t worry about the problem. We have solutions for our hard-working women, and one of them is using hair mousse. Mousee not only gives your hair volume but regenerates more hairs. Provided that hair spray or mousse is best to use, the answer will be to use hair mousse will be easier to use because of its creamy texture. Our best suggestion is to keep your pocket loose by buying Caviar Anti-aging multiplying Volume styling Mousee at once, and you will love to have it.

Hair fibres

Hair fibre/ hair powder was originated in the USA but now gaining popularity in Germany and all over the universe because the dusty environment affects our hair to such an extent that we cannot live without these products while having thinned coat. Artificial and natural keratin fibre is a good solution for tangled and dead hair. A surprise feature is that they are wind and rain resistant, and no one can detect them. Kmax Keratin hair fibres and Beaver Fiber Hold Spray will make your day.

When to see a trichologist in severe thinning of hair?

when to visit trichologist

When things never get in your favour, please save time and meet the expert on scalp and hair ( trichologist). The following conditions are a red signal to see a doctor:

  • Big patches
  • Fatigue
  • Itchiness
  • Unusual symptoms of fever and chills

How to live with thinning hair?

Thinning hair may irritate and causes ashamed feeling, but stay positive to have this issue

Have self-confident

Our crafted article will help in all cases, but if your issue may not be coped with by these techniques, do not be worried and be confident in yourself because God has made you beautiful. Life sometimes allows you to do more to show your intelligence; mortal things never matter to you.

Shave it off

All efforts are in vain. What to do? Keep focused on your loved one or your career, shave your hair off, and be a role model in front of others.


Can dyeing the scalp be a good option for thinning hair?

Dye scalp means hair tattoos or micro scalp pigmentation in which a dealer uses tiny needles to project dots on the scalp, and it may take 5 hours to perform this action. People facing alopecia and baldness say yes to this process and hide birthmarks and scars.

Which hair accessories are best for thinning hair?

Different hair accessories are used to hide thinning hair, including wigs, wiglets, hair pads, hair doughnuts, and headbands, which are used widely to conceal the thinning part of the hair

Is laser therapy or hair transplant work on thinning hair?

Yes, it is a good option because 85% of patients facing hair fall favour this method for hair growth. Hair grows after 1-2 years of hair transplant


Hair loss is a situation every man and woman must face, but facing it predated is a tense situation. Ultimately, we give you quality advice to care for your inner and outer health to look healthy and sound.

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