Quick and Easy Ways to Detangle Your Synthetic Wig

My wig lovers! Do you always have much time to manage a head full of knots and a frustrated journey of detangling synthetic wigs? We are excited to inform you that in this must-read article, we blueprinted many tips, methods and tutorials that help you to look your absolute best without tugging and pushing synthetic wigs. So, ready to welcome the glamorous hair with fluent moving hair without thinking about its tangling?

After countless wearing and styling sessions, having a soft and silky tangled-free synthetic wig is like a dream to being respected as a magician who is welcomed on the red carpet. But don’t put stress. We are here to make you a pro by walking you through every step of the detangling process without more shedding, unbosom with tricks, some bonus tips, and from the right tools to flawless products by ensuring you steal the spotlight.

So, keep reading this do-not-miss-out article on life-changing information.

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How to untangle a synthetic wig with a conditioner ( Slowly but surely guide)

Synthetic wigs are the best option because of their low prices, but if your wig gets tangled a few time uses, it is natural because synthetic wigs are made from polyester or nylon that get trapped due to many reasons like heat, weather, and dyeing. Whether you wear your wig daily or a weakened, please don’t throw it in the trash because, due to some easy methods, you can revitalize it very quickly at home too.

We will first discuss detangling a synthetic wig with conditioner, among many methods

Step 1: Put the wig on the tripod

Procedure to detangle wig, 1st step is put wig on tripod

Detangling a wig could be easy if it is [adequately placed. Firstly, manage a mannequin or a tripod and install the wig on the stand if you have long hair. But you need not worry if you lack it; place the wig on a bare floor or carpet to reduce all the knots

Step 2: Prepare conditioner bottle

Prepare conditioner bottle to spray and detangle wig step 2

This method is super-adoptable because of its inexpensive materials. You need a spray bottle and plain water, and conditioner. Fill the bottle with lukewarm water and add conditioner to it. Now, what will be the proportion? The answer is simple to take three parts of water and 1 part of the conditioner and shake it very well before its application.

  • Need more time to prepare a mixture, invest in a leave-in conditioner of any brand and directly apply it to the wet hair and see great results.
  • If, during sprinkling, you feel that the conditioner separates from the water, give the bottle a vigorous shake.
  • If the bottle is not found, prepare the mixture in a bowl, wet the brush, and comb your wig.

Step 3: Submerge the wig into the basin or bathtub

My wig needs to be better tangled. What to do? The best method is to fill the basin with lukewarm water, add conditioner, soak the wig for about 15-30 minutes, and squeeze all the water off. The best choice of conditioner is got 2b conditioner.

Submerge the wig into the basin or bathtub for detangle wig step 3
  • Having felt that the wig is too dirty, add one tablespoon of mild shampoo.
  • If you are in a hotel and are very picky about the life of your hair extension because of a dirty basin and bathtub, you can do it in a bucket and water bowl.

Step 4: Give your wig moisture by spraying conditioner

Give your wig moisture by spraying conditioner for detangle process

Now the placed wig should be conditioned appropriately, especially on the roots, to avoid knots. Then, start combing from the ends to the head with a gentle hand. Not to rub and push the comb towards your side and extra force to detangle it. Hold the comb in one hand and start combing with the other hand. Continue this process with repeated actions, and getting appropriately detangled might take an hour.

  • Having a human hair wig, this method is best instead of fabric softener.
  • Brushing in only one direction manage the tangles.

Step 5: Style your wig

Use a fine-tooth comb to manage the tangling

Giving shape to wet hair is more straightforward than dry hair. So, if you have front bangs, spray water and shape your wig in a new style. Use a fine-tooth comb to manage the tangling. Trimming at the ends of your hair might help you to get a great class

Step 6: Dry your synthetic wig completely

The last part of the detangling process is to let it dry for the ready look. Pat the wig gently with the soft towel and give your synthetic wig for 4-5 hours or overnight to air dry thoroughly.

  • Rush out outside immediately for an event and never wait for 4-5 hours; give your wig blow dry but on a shallow heat because synthetic wigs may become easily destroyed with the heat

Step 7: Styling with a flat iron

Styling with a flat iron to detangle synthetic wig

One can follow numerous styling methods to have a knot-free look. One method is a straightener or flat iron. We love that every woman has thick hair or they manage wigs effortlessly in case of thin hair. 

Our bonus tip is to cover the hair with Parchment paper and straighten the hair to fortify the wigs.

How to detangle synthetic wig with fabric softener( Suggested and safe method)

If you are among us and love to wear synthetic wigs for perfection, I bet you also want to know the best way to wash them. More wearing and applying heat products, hair sprays, and gel could get tangled very soon. So, our concern is How to untangle synthetic wigs with the fabric softener? The best way is to use fabric softener in a reasonable quantity. Fabric softener is a liquid that makes your fabric shiny and prevents all wear and tear.

Follow the method to get a knot-free synthetic wig

  • Step 1: Fill the basin with cold water and add 1 cup of fabric softener (Robijn deluxe) and laundry detergent if the wig is dirty. Avoid heated water because it weakens the wig’s fabric to destroy it. Remember the proportion that it must be 3/4 ( 3 water and one fabric softener). A dishwasher can be used instead, like Dawn-Dish Soap.
  • Step 2: Put the wig in the basin and try to remove tangles with the fingers and wide-tooth comb. ( Don’t pull the wig tightly because wet hair is easily broken.
  • Step 3: Dip the wig for 2-3 hours( for better results put it for the whole night)
  • Step 4: Drain the water, fill the basin with cold water, and wash the wigs to remove all the fabric softener from the wig, remove the wig from the water, and squeeze all the moisture.
  • Step 5: Wrap your synthetic wig with a cotton cloth or a super soft towel for a while so that the towel gets sucked in all the bloating water.
  • Step 6: Let the wig stay for a night on a mannequin for air drying. If you use a blow dryer, don’t cross 180 degrees Celsius or above to save the artificial particles of the weave.
  • Step 7: Style out the synthetic wig. If you like straight hair, let straighten it with a flat iron and curling rod velcro roller in case of a curly hairdo.

5 best tips to untangle synthetic extensions

Tangling is a frustrating issue every synthetic wig wearer faces in her life. If you are in the same situation, we got you our best-collected tips to make your hair soft and silky like before by reducing all the knots and tangles.

Tangling is a frustrating issue every synthetic wig wearer faces in her life. If you are in the same situation, we got you our best-collected tips to make your hair soft and silky like before by reducing all the knots and tangles.

1-Use the right comb/brush! All game is linked with

The meeting is a critical factor in managing hair. Using a brush on the synthetic wig is not the same as you use it on your bio hair is a foolish act. Brushing could be fun if you separate the parts into multiple sections and comb them manageably. Always try to use a brush that protects your fake hair from damage. Our best suggestion is to use

  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Metal bristle paddle brush
  • Tangle Teazer brush

Now, any query related to How to comb out a wig? Follow the suggestions to revive your wig.

Combing and brushing is the most crucial task in managing synthetic wigs to their shape. Following tips make the brushing easier and detangling the wigs quicker.

  • Using a bristle brush on a synthetic wig can cause a tease in your weave, creating more knots and difficulty managing it.
  • The mini wet brush will be an attractive choice.
  • Brushing your wig while you wear it would be very strenuous, so always brush it on a tripod, mannequin or flat surface.
  • Washing the wigs after ten times could simplify the combing process because dirty wigs are greasy.
  • Make sections of hair strands; after combing one area, clip it on the opposite side and brush the hair the same way on the other.
  • All the time, comb your wig when it is scorched.
  • Running the fingers in the hair and combing is an excellent way to detangle synthetic wigs.
  • Always comb from bottom to top ( a reverse condition in case of natural hair in which we comb from top to bottom)
  • Harnessing a detangler spray while combing is a low-laborious way of detangling

2-Suitable products to get a tangle-free wig

Choosing the right products can save your weave to a large extent and avoid tangles. Shampoo and conditioner is the first tool to be used carefully. Applying regular shampoo and conditioner may make your wig dry and frizzy because bio hairs are unlike synthetic wigs. Choose a silicon-free conditioner, this is used chiefly on curly wigs.

A hair mask to get trendy hair is the need of the day.

Regular hair spray on a synthetic wig harms the fibres and makes it dull and ringletted, so always apply the detangler or hair fibre sprays meant for synthetic wigs. To prevent your hair fibres from shedding, use Jon Renau Detangling spray.

3-Steaming instead of straightening

Is my wig going to be frizzy? What is the fact behind it? The hidden attribute is heating tools like straighteners, curlers, and rollers. If your hairs get frizzier, even caring during brush and using the right tools to save it from tangles, the only reason is the straightener. The best way to avoid the situation is to apply the steam method on the synthetic wig. Now, how could steaming be a safe method instead of straightening? We say it is! If following the procedure correctly, it would straighten the kinks in the wig fibres tolerably.

  • Now, sure about the excellent quality of the extension hair, you can apply the method of dipping your synthetic wig into hot, warm water.
  • Put the wig on a stand and steam the wig by tightening the ending parts of the wig.
  • Jiffy Steamer wins the race.

4-Washing the wigs decorously

Tangles-free wigs…. Yes! It is possible with good washing techniques. As explained earlier in this article, you can wash the wigs with conditioner, dishwashing soap, and fabric softener. Always clean the wig after 5-6 use or every week with cold water because using boiling water is not recommended because it would burn the hair fibres.

5-Trim the edges

I know you get afraid of taking scissors onto your favourite synthetic wig, and it would be the last solution to the problem of tangled hair. Keep calm, babe! I am talking about trimming, not cutting the hair completely. If you want to avoid trimming it at home, do it through a stylist. After washing, drying and styling the wig, cut it with scissors for a perfectionist look if you notice the rough ends.

How to keep the synthetic wigs from tangling? Precaution instead of cure

How to detangle hair is an easy-to-understand question if you have full-fledged information about the aspects responsible for making hair tangled. Wigs are made from human hair or fake sources, but whether you own a wig, it is prone to tangling because of some reasons. Here are some reasons and these mistakes to avoid getting silky and smooth synthetic wigs.

1-Bath in a proper way

The bathing time of synthetic wigs is considered a special treatment to it. Keep it clean after 6-7 use or after one week. The instrument used for the bath, either a bathtub or a bowl, must be clean too. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner for better results.

2-Hot comb

A comb that is used for straightening and styling the hair with the help of electricity. It is a better replacement for the straightener. It could also make hair frizzy if used at a regular time. Its heated metal teeth can detangle the hair by making it sleek and smooth, but overuse can harm the hair.

3-Storing at a proper place

Protecting the wig when not in use is the one key to run longly the synthetic wig. It would help if you noticed the following things before storing a wig for your next-time use:

  • The wig is cleansed and cleaned.
  • The wig is 100% dry because moisture creates a foul smell and causes itchiness to your scalp.
  • It would be best to store it on a wig head, and if you lack it, appropriately paced it in a wig’s cover, drawer, or shoe box.

4-Avoid sun exposure

More sun exposure and beach enjoyment while wearing your favourite weave will make it tangled. So, wearing a scarf and wig cap over your synthetic wig is also advised.

5-Picky in choosing clothes

Woollen clothes, jackets, and shirts with high collars make hair tangled. Now, if you never want to skip it your favourite garments and picky wigs at a party, try to wear a satin scarf on the collars to look more trendy and a; so to avoid knots and snarls.

6-Sleeping with the wig. No, No, a bad idea

We can take a lot of care during noon to protect our wig from damage, but if you draw a blank and sleep with your applied wig, it would prove a big mistake in your life.

  • If you have a sew-in hair extension and it would be too difficult to apply and leave it every day, making a braid of your wig will save you from more drastic results.

7-Detangling sprays

Detangling gels, mists, and sprays could save the day. The best ready-made item introduced in the world of a hurry can save you time in detangling a single strand of hair and see it as a damaging one after

8-Products and styling matter most

Do you buy a straight synthetic wig because they get tangled significantly less? Yes! Of course, I also do it many times. The reason is that straight wigs are easy to style by placing them on the wig stand, brushing with a loop brush, and using fingers after sprinkling sprays to style them.

  • Always see the label behind the wigs rapper, whether the wig is heat resistant or not.

9-Give your wig at least 1 hour.

Knots and tangles must be removed if the wigs are dipped into the fabric softener’s or conditioner’s water for a few hours. So, give your hairpiece at least 1 hour to rest to bring it to life again.

Our answers you are looking for

How to make synthetic wigs soft and sloppy?

Synthetic wigs are the best and most inexpensive way to hide hair deficiency. But managing anything superbly is better than throwing it in the trash. In order to make a synthetic wig softer, use a wide-toothed comb, dry the wig properly, use mild shampoo and conditioners, use cold water for the extensions, and low-heated blow dryer in need. Protecting hair from the direct sun heat and tackling it with fabric softener is the easy-to-adopt way to make synthetic wigs soft and shiny.

Which synthetic hair detangler is best for untangling the wig?

Detangler to avoid knots suddenly could be the suggested way to cope with tangled hair problems. Many options are available, but I recommend trying SheaMoisture 2 in 1 Conditioner, Detangler, DeMert Wig, and Weave Detangler for quick results.

How to untangle a wig with conditioner?

Untangling a wig with a deep conditioner is a splendid idea. You need three parts of water and one part conditioner, and mix it well, either to spray it on the roots and bottoms or dip it well in a dilute for the rest of the night for remarkable results.

  • Leave-in or dry conditioner can directly spritz on the wig without mixing it with the water.

Amika Silken Up Dry Conditioner is the first-rate option

How to detangle wig without a brush?

The question looks ridiculous, but the answer is to use your fingertips. Giving gentle movement to the hair helps to remove tangling.

What are the reasons behind tangled hair?

Tangling is a heartbreaking situation that makes you emotional when you get more strands at the palm. So, do you aware of the reason behind tangled hair?

  • Implementing too many chemical treatments and hair dyeings
  • Synthetic wigs are tangled and break because of their dry feature( Our scalp produces natural oil that helps the bio hair protect from drying, but synthetic wigs are made from polyester and plastic. Therefore, they become dry with the no-oil implementation.
  • Rubbing wigs a lot
  • Sweating on the scalp will make the wigs tangled, especially on the nape area.
  • Incorrect application method
  • Over usage
  • Long hair tends to be more tangled

Environmental factors like wind, humidity, and sun are also responsible for the tangling.

How to revive a synthetic wig to life again?

Synthetic wigs can also be revived quickly by using cold water, not combing in wet hair, storing them properly, and using a detangler, shampoo, and conditioner. Here we go with the three methods to bring it to life again.

  • Fabric softener(Downy Fabric Softener)
  • Baking soda+warm water
  • Dishwasher(Palmolive clean)
  • Conditioner(Gisela MayerWig Shampoo and conditioner)

In a Nutshell

Human hair and synthetic wigs for the wig-wearer are considered the actual investment. Tangled synthetic wigs were the nightmare of the past. Now, say goodbye to the old memories of spending hours and hours detangling the knots and welcome the confidence that comes with the flawless detangled synthetic locks. With our proven tricks and tutorial, unleash the magic to revive your knotted wig like a living diva!

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