Expert Tips for Coloring Synthetic Hair like a Pro

Learn 7 ways to dye your synthetic hair

Do you love to wear a lot of coloured jewellery and clothes and wish to do the same with your wig? Do you want to add extra colour to your new wig or put a new life into an outdated hair weave? Are you ready to transform your dull-coloured wig into breathtaking art? Now, bold, vibrant, and head-turning colours are easy to achieve without casting a dent in your pocket.

 Whether you are looking to get pro tips or want to get your mind free from the tension of losing your wig by dyeing it, we are here to guide you with our expert’s insight on how to colour/dye synthetic hair with the permanent and semi-permanent methods even at home without seeking anyone’s help. So, buckle up and get ready to express your unique hair dye with a long-lasting impression with our envy-inducing tips and methods

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can you dye synthetic hair?

Synthetic hair made from nylon, polyester, polyvinyl, and plastic material that gets damaged and torn out due to chemical processes and heat. Some best quality fibres like kanekalon, Toyokalon, and Futura make you feel like you have natural hair.

Most women asked the question, again and again, can they dye synthetic hair? We answer that you can dye and colour your hair, but it is not over-recommended because synthetic hair may never accept bleach and dyes and get damaged from most parts.

If you have tangled thoughts,

Can you use regular hair dye on your synthetic wig?

The surprising answer is No! You are confined not to do it because synthetic and human hair is different, and trying to do it means ruining the hairpiece with your hands.

Synthetic wigs are cheap and affordable, and you can own them with scarce money in case of wear and tear. Here are some challenges while dyeing synthetic hair

7 best ways to dye synthetic wig/ extension/weave (permanent dyes)

If you have no budget, knowledge, or space to store a lot of wigs, dyeing a synthetic wig as an alternative will make you agile of the family. Before we go further to discuss the permanent and semi-permanent methods of dyeing, prepare your wig by giving it a bath with a shampoo and conditioner made for synthetic wigs like Cleanse Fibe Love Shampoo one day before dyeing synthetic hair to reduce and clean all the build-up dirt and moisture.

Can you dye synthetic hair, and how to dye synthetic extensions? Here you get the best methods.

  1. Rit DyeMore
  2. Fabric dye
  3. Acrylic paint
  4. Sharpie pens
  5. Airbrush dye
  6. Alcohol-based ink
  7. Food colours

One thing to remember is that by permanent dye, we mean that it stays on your wig for 4-6 weeks because dye effect daily wear, sunlight, and washing. It will be with you for months if you use suitable quality dye, wear it often, and care for it properly. Always dye the cheap wig that is about to discard in case you lose it; you will never feel sad to lose your expensive wig

1- Rit DyeMore

Rit DyeMore for synthetic hair

Dyeing nylon, polyester, and other fabrics are not only the function of Rit DyeMore; you can dye your synthetic hair with this versatile-to-use product. Stunning and long-lasting colour is at your hand with the proper instructions provided by the manufacturer regarding its installation process and minimum and maximum time of application.

Important to consider:

  • If you are meant for natural hair fibre and extensions, go with Rit Dye, but Rit DyeMore is specially designed for synthetic wigs
  • The minimum time of the wig’s immersion should be at least 10-30 minutes, and try not to dip your wig above one hour. ( The immersion time depends on the vibrant colour you want to achieve.)

Required Material:

  • A wig with a lighter colour
  • Stove
  • Big bowl
  • Tong
  • Rit DyeMore
  • Water

Steps for Rit dyeMore

  • Firstly, wash, condition, and air dry your used wig.
  • Fill the bowl with clean water and heat it.
  • When the bubble comes to water, add Rit DyeMore to it. Boil water up to 140 degrees.
  • Humify your light colour wig and let it dip for 10-15 minutes. ( After dropping the wig into diluted water, turn off the flame)
  • Circulate the wig with a tong in the mixed water, then bloats all the excess water and leave the wig on the towel for cooling.
  • Wash the wig with cold water until all the excess colour runs through the extension.

Let it air dry and style it as per your preference.

2- Fabric Dye

For long-lasting and optimal results, fabric dye is the best solution for synthetic hair

For long-lasting and optimal results, fabric dye is the best solution for synthetic hair. Is hair dye suitable for synthetic hair?

Very thinkable before owning a dye because all dyes are unsuitable for all hairs. Just bring a synthetic fibre dye for synthetic hair and save your weave

Important to consider:

  • Before using fabric dye on synthetic hair, always be sure whether your wig is heat resistant or heat friendly.
  • Synthetic fibre dyes are often available in pre-coloured shades, but you can mix the shade to get the customized colour.
  • You can turn lighter colours like ash blonde to darker colours like auburn, orange, purple, and green.
  • The application time should be at most 30-60 minutes because the outcome will be in extra-fake colour and ruin of wig.

Required Material:

  • Water
  • Large bowl
  • Stove and tong
  • Fabric dye( powder or liquid)
  • Synthetic wig
  • Disposable gloves and an old T-shirt

Steps for fabric dye

  • Wear an old T-shirt or apron with your favourite clothes. ( In case of stain on hands, quickly wash the hands with soap and baking soda.)
  • Put the bowl on medium flame and stir the water up to boiling.
  • Add 1 cup of water and three tablespoons of fabric dye and mix it with the tong or toothpick. ( check again and again the colour on the tissue paper until you get the desired outcome)
  • Put the wig into the mixture and quickly turn off the stove. (dampen wig is easy to dye)
  • Remove the wig from the boiled water, rest it for a few minutes, and then wash it with cold running water to squeeze in all the water.
  • Put on the extension on a wig stand and let it air dry..
Recommended product
  • Jacquard iDye Poly and Dylon Dye are the best collections to give immense colour to synthetic weaves

3-Acrylic paint

Color synthetic wig with Acrylic paint

It is a paint intended to use on canvas, papers, ceramics, and wood, but it can be a suitable colouring alternative. However, it is said to be a permanent method but lasts less because of wig washing and sun exposure.

Important to consider:

  • It is a very thick paint, so it can be thinned with water or rubbing alcohol.
  • After painting the desired areas, you can use low-setting heating tools to colour the wig.
  • A patch test or a single strand test is worth knowing how your wig reacts to the colour, what colour you want, and what you get

Required Material:

  • A wig or extension
  • Acrylic paint
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Clips
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Spray bottle
  • Newspaper/tablecloth
  • Wig stand

Steps for Acrylic paint

Can you dye synthetic hair with acrylic paint? Yes! You can do it safely and carefully to dye your fake fibre with fewer components.

  • Take a spray bottle and add rubbing alcohol to it.

(If you want more rich and captivating colours, add more paint; if you need lighter colours, add more alcohol than paint. Usually, the ratio is 3/4 parts water to 1/4 part paint.)

  • Mix the component thoroughly by shaking it.
  • Spray on your wig at a 6 inches distance and mix the colour with your hands first on top and then on the inner parts.
  • Comb the hair to distribute the colour on all hair.
  • Let it dry for 2-3 hours ( drying time may vary based on synthetic hair texture and thickness)
  • When the wig is completely dry, wash it with cold water.
  • Again dry the wig and style it according to your preference
Recommended product
  • 70% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is the best way to save the fibre from being dry and for the best dyeing experience.
  • Golden professional acrylic paintand jacquard acrylic are the best paint that can be easily diluted in water and alcohol.

4-Sharpie Pens

Sharpie Pens to color synthetic wig

Can I dye a synthetic wig with the permanent marker?

Of course, you can. Sharpie pens are the best solution for transforming a dull wig into a rich and colourful one

Important to consider:

  • If you fear whether this method works, use an old or discarded wig and back it to new life.
  • It can be applied directly ( need more time) or mixed in alcohol to spray on the wig. ( if put directly, dip the cotton buds in alcohol and rub it on the applied area of the marker.)
  • Give touch-ups to manage the colour if you see some rubbing areas after a few weeks.
  • For best results, ensure your hairpiece is thoroughly dried before applying markers.
  • Permanent markers are waterproof and never run out in case of washing wigs with gentle shampoo and conditioner

Required Material:

  • Sharpie markers(4-5)
  • Wig of a lighter colour
  • Wig stand
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Spray bottle
  • Pliers
  • Cutter or Exacto knife

Steps for Sharpie Pens

  • Free your wig from grease, oil, and dust by washing and drying it.
  • Pour rubbing alcohol into the bottle.
  • Use the plier to pull off the marker tube and cut it with a knife and cutter.
  • Put the marker’s tune into the bottle and rest it for 15 minutes. (maximize the time and increase the number of markers in case you wish dark colour)
  • Shake the bottle very well and spray it on the synthetic hair. ( use hands to spread the colour evenly on the entire wig in and out.)
  • Let it dry completely.
  • Wash the wig with cold water. ( Avoid warm and hot water because it will get all the dye colour from your synthetic hair)
  • Dry it again and style it.

5-Airbrush dye

Airbrush dye for to color synthetic wig

A heat-setting method to give synthetic hair a more extended colour with the help of heat-resistant dye while using an airbrush is the best alternative way of dying

Important to consider:

  • Prefer to see the manufacturer’s instructions before using airbrush dye.
  • Flat iron or hair dryer on 250 Fahrenheit maximum.
  • Always take a strand test before completing the application.

Required Material:

  • Old wig
  • Airbrush
  • Dye colour
  • Comb
  • Wig stand
  • Air dryer

Steps for Airbrush dye

  • Detangle the wig and place it on a mannequin.
  • Dilute the airbrush dye with water and pour it into the airbrush. ( make sure the mixture must not be too thick)
  • Fill the material into the airbrush. ( check nozzle setting and air pressure)
  • Start airbrushing from the upper to the inner parts from 6-8 inches away.
  • Take the setting of a hair dryer on low and air dry your wig for the colour sitting on the synthetic hair.
  • Wash with cold water and style in your way.

6- Alcohol-based inks

Alcohol-based inks

In case you never hustle into cutting sharpie markers and save your time, a lesser-known method to dye synthetic hair is to use alcohol-based inks

Important to consider:

    • The ink evaporates and dries quickly, and the colour sits better on the hair.
    • Applying multiple colours and mixing them could be fun with alcohol-based inks.
    • Wrap the wig stand and table with the plastic shopper or bag and cling film to save it from dyeing colour

Required Material:

  • Old wig
  • Airbrush
  • Dye colour
  • Comb
  • Wig stand
  • Air dryer

Steps for Alcohol-based inks

Can we dye synthetic hair extensions with alcohol-based ink?

Yeah! A fun idea to put creativity on your hair, too, with these simple steps.

  • Take a spray bottle and fill it with water and alcohol-based ink with a 1:1 ratio.

More water if you want less colour.

More ink if you want bright colour.

  • Spray the hair until it gets fully saturated.
  • Run a comb and fingers to open all the colours on the extension.
  • Dry your wig.
  • Wash it with cold water.
  • Dry it afresh and detangle and style it. ( if you don’t want to follow up the method, put the ink and alcohol in a trash bag, add a wig, and wiggle the bag to mix the material onto the wig.
Recommended product

Get a polished stone look with the Tim Holtz Ranger Alcohol Ink that is transparent, easy to use, dry in a few minutes, and acid-free

7-Food colouring

Food colouring for to color synthetic hair

Although it is a trouble-free act to reduce all the colour from your wig by washing it out, I permanently included this method because if you own the best quality food colour and are cared for properly, it will be with you for a few weeks.

Important to consider:

  • Food colours are made from FDA-approved ingredients; therefore, they never harm synthetic hair.
  • Its porosity level is different on different synthetic wigs.
  • The food colour can stain your face, hands, clothes, and surface, so always take measures by wearing gloves and using protective barriers

Required Material:

  • Wig
  • Hair dye tinting brush
  • Bowl
  • Food color(mostly comes in red, green, yellow)
  • Hair mousse
  • Spoon to mix the material
  • Conditioner

Steps for Food color your synthetic hair


Can you dye synthetic wigs with a food colour? Yes! It is the quick and safest method of dyeing synthetic hair. The following is the method to apply:

  • Mix hair mousse (1-2 cups) and a few drops (5-10) of food colour. ( mixing food colour in a conditioner is a good idea)
  • Cover each strand by applying the paste with a brush.
  • Let your hair rest for 30 minutes, and then give your wig a cold water bath.
  • Dry the wig and carry it out with the eccentric look.
Recommended product
  • US. Cake supply food colouring Liqua-Gel.
  • Decopac Food Color is the best series to bring colour to your food and hair

How to colour synthetic hair/ extension ( Semi-permanent/ Temporary ways)

Synthetic hair fibres differ much from natural hair or human hair wigs. Dyeing a wig temporarily, whether to attend a party or gathering, or any other event, is an excellent way to secure your wig’s hair from the harsh effects of chemical dyeing

1-Hair makeup

Hair makeup for your synthetic wig color temporary

This temporary dye will add a burst to your personality and prevent your hair from damaging. Here are some positive outcomes of this method

Now if you think about how to dye synthetic hair with hair makeup? Follow these unforgettable points

  • Wash and untangle your hair, and never completely dry off the hair.
  • Mix the colours to get the customized colour like Dark Green+ Blue = Acquomazine, Gold+Pink = Rose gold.
  • Apply hair makeup; it will be in the shape of spray, powder, and gel. You can apply it with the brush, sponge dabbing, and even through sprays.
  • Air dry for 30 minutes or blow dry it

2-Hair chalks

Hair chalks to color synthetic hair

Adding highlights in a dull sleek wig is an excellent way to conquer others. Hair chalks are introduced in the market to give versatile style to your look and are an all-time favourite for girls of all ages.

Here are some positive points about using this dye method to colour your hair.

How to apply/ dye hair with hair chalks? Here is the prompt method.

  • Choose the best quality chalk.
  • Dampen your wig with water before applying chalks.
  • Skate the chalk directly on the hair and style your hair

How to dye a synthetic wig a lighter colour?

Dyeing a wig in a lighter shade is much more difficult because it may damage the hair fibre than a human hair wig. But in this endless world, nothing is feasible. Follow our research-based method and dye the wig a lighter colour

Required Material

  • Wig
  • Brush
  • Spatula
  • Medium size bowl
  • Spoon
  • Gloves
  • Lightening solution
  • Foil

The procedure of lightening a dyed synthetic wig

  • Firstly, protect the wig capor any desired areas with aluminium foil and plastic paper.
  • Properly wash and conditionthe dirty hair to remove dust and dirt from the wig.
  • Prepare a lighting solutionunder the expert’s insight.
  • Classic bleach and 30 developer
  • An equal amount of water and 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • Bleach solution
  • Hydrogen peroxide+ baking soda
  • Colour stripper method
  • Perform a strand test on smaller sections of hair to see the results.
  • Apply a lightening solutionon each section you need to lighten and don’t overlap, and keep closely monitoring the lightening process.
  • Wash the wig with cold water, use a mild shampoo, and untangle it.
  • Air dry and style the wig as per your choice

You can also sprinkle HIGH BEAMS INTENSE HAIR SPRAY to lighten the synthetic dye colour

Can you bleach synthetic hair before dyeing?

can you bleach synthetic wig, detailed answer

Synthetic hair cannot beat human hair and melted due to heat and chemical treatments. Synthetic hair can be bleached, but the process must be at most 15-30 minutes because it will result in damaged hair and the colour fading of the wig.

 Synthetic wigs come in pre-made knots, usually in lighter colours, giving an odd feeling if not matched with the skin colour. When do newbie customers  Can you bleach the knots on synthetic hair? We answer them yes! You can perform this but with due care and under professional assistance.


Can we dye synthetic hair with henna (snuff-coloured)?

Absolutely, Yes! You can apply henna without feeling worried about the ultimate outcomes because henna is made from chemical-free ingredients and is made of safe synthetic fibres.

Can you dye a synthetic wig black?

Dyeing a wig to get black colour is impossible. You can dye wigs of pastel, white, blonde, platinum, and silver wigs to auburn, purple, red, and green, but not to black colour.

How to dye a synthetic wig dark brown?

Choose the “Cocoa Brown” colour of Rit DyeMore. Mixing magenta and auburn colour with a 1:2 ratio, you will get a dark brown shade. Here are the steps:

  • Boil the water in a large pan and add colour to it.
  • Dip the wig for 15 minutes in the boiling water.
  • Squeeze the water and let it air dry.
  • Wash the wig with cold water.
  • Style your wig after drying it
Can you dye synthetic blonde hair?

yes! Dyeing synthetic blonde hair is 100% sure and shades from light to medium yellowish and golden tone and a safe method to dye, but some factors need to be cleared.

  1. Choose a dye that is only meant for synthetic hair.
  2. Perform a strand test before fully dyeing the wig.
  • Sometimes you never get the desired colour because of the quality of the wig and the dye material used.
How long does synthetic hair dye last?

Synthetic hair dye durability depends on the type and quality of the wig and dye applied. If you apply permanent dyeing methods like Sharpie marker, fabric dye, and Rit DyeMore, it will stay up to 4 weeks, but if you apply food colour, hair chalks, and makeup, it will last when you wash it intensely

How to avoid synthetic hair dye from fading?

Synthetic dyes are not permanent, and their shade becomes fade over time, so follow this advice to make longer life of your dyes.

  • Use gentle, colour-safe shampoo and conditioner.
  • Lessen the use of heating tools like iron and straightener.
  • Give your dyed wig less exposure to sun and rain
Can you colour synthetic hair without staining the lace?

yeah! But with due care. Apply barrier cream, Vaseline, or petroleum jelly to the lace and hairline to protect against staining. One more way to dip the wig carefully in a Rit DyeMore solution.

How many times can you dye synthetic hair?

2-3 times because synthetic hair tends to damage due to dyeing and bleaching. One tip is to rotate between 1-2 wigs to avoid damage

To Conclude

Synthetic hair opens up a world of uniqueness, creativity, and art, and colourful hairstyles, romantic hues, and dominating vibrant colours are easy to attain. Whether dyeing hair permanently or semi-permanently, remember to experiment, have fun, and show your personality with synthetic hair colouring. Make your hair rich and rock your vibrant, custom-coloured synthetic locks confidently

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