How Long Does A Lace Front Wig Last? Longevity Secrets

how long does a lace front wig last, detail guide

You might wonder why your lace front wigs do not last much. Why are they a burden on your pocket? Or you might be a newbie trying to figure out how durable the lace front wigs are. Consider your query solved, as this article is precisely for you.

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What is a lace front wig?

You might be confused if you have never purchased one. So, let’s get a grip on the term first. The dimensions for a Lace front wig are usually 13 x 4 inches, and the Lace is in its front, which originates the name “Lace front.” Simple.

What do frontal wigs look like?

Full Lace wigs are different than lace frontals as the dimensions for a frontal are 13 x 4 inches and 13×6, and it is helpful if you have to set your wig at the front according to your hairline, and whole Lace means lace on all parts of the wig, so better not confuse them.

When you wear it, it gives a fantasy that your original baby hair comes out with a flow. The hair strands are hand-tied and blended so well that nobody will detect the application of a lace front wig, and it also gives you a versatile look.

Lace front wigs are a perfect solution for people suffering from premature balding, alopecia, hair thinning, and hair loss due to chemotherapy. They are good at providing flawless hair and realistic hairline.

What are the factors that make a lace front wig durable?

Now that you know the basics of a Lace front wig, you might be thinking about how long you can wear a Lace front wig. You can wear your pretentious Lace front wig for up to 1-6 weeks, but it all depends on the factors that decide its life circle. However, we assure you that the results of your efforts will completely satisfy you and help you save money.

The lifespan of a lace front wig depends on the following factors:


  • 1.Quality of your lace front wig

    You might have heard the saying 'quality over quantity.'Well, it is time to take it seriously. Before purchasing, ensure you are buying from trustable stores and that your wig is of good quality. You can always check the reviews of other buyers. It might seem like a burden on your pocket but trust us! It will save you from the hassle of buying again and again. Lace Front Wigs of better quality last longer, which is on period!

  • 2.Usage (how you should be treating your wig)

    How often you wear your wig also defines its durability. It is recommended to only sometimes keep your wig on as it can cause irritation and make your wig look distressed. Our experts recommend never applying unnecessary pressure on the Lace, as your Lace front wig will lose shape. It is recommended to put gentle pressure on your wig while putting it on. If you constantly rely on one wig and want to increase its life span too, it is impossible because daily usage with little heed makes it dull and destroyed even 4-6 months before.

  • 3.Types of Hair:

    While choosing a perfect lace front wig for yourself, you will come across two types of wigs, and the life of a wig also depends on the hair grade you are prioritized:

  • Human hair lace front wigs(Virgin, Remy, Processed)
  • Synthetic hair lace front wigs.


A human hair lace front wig can last a year or more. In contrast, a synthetic lace front wig lasts 4 to 6 months. Both have a lot of textures and options. Human hair lace frontal wigs are further classified as:

Virgin hair:

When hair never goes through from chemical process and maintains its more vital state, called virgin human hair and can last up to 18 months.

Remy hair:

A premium quality hair that endures some chemical treatments and hair cuticles managed in the same direction to give a tangle-free look ( Straight, wavy, and curly wigs) and lives for 4-12 months.

Processed hair:

The hair made for cosplay, theatre, or dramas that bear a lot of chemical, bleaching, and dyeing processes is called processed hair and is much cheaper but lasts only 3-4 months.

Have a quick look below to choose what hair type suits you the best.


Human hair wigs Synthetic hair wigs
Made of natural hair.
Made of synthetic hair.
Have a realistic look.
Have an artificial look.
Have styling liberty.
I cannot add new styles.
Are costly.
Are budget friendly
Last longer
Do not last that much.
Recommended for long-term usage.
Recommended for occasional usage.
  • 4.Hair origin:

    What is the source of your lace front wig, and what is your wig made of? What country hair matters most in considering the longevity of a lace front wig? Let's talk about the hair source in short.

Indian Hair:

The most famous among black women and readily available in the market ( because people donate their hair due to some religious performance) at a flexible price but has a shorter life span too.

Brazilian Hair:

The hair is famous for its versatility, blending ease, and natural shine. Got also has familiarity among ladies and lasts up to 6 months ( no hard and fast rule in all cases).

Chinese Hair:

Although not very velvety soft, the most robust hair, and most women buy lace front wigs with less density than is made of Chinese hair.

European Hair:

A hair that naturally has blonde, light red, or mild brown color and straight wavy texture called European hair and much more durable hair that lasts more than a year if appropriately pampered.

  • 5.How it is applied

    Lace front wigs are sheer Lace at the front areas of the forehead across ear to ear. The longevity of a Lace front wig also depends on how it is applied and who acts. A lace front wig with glue or without glue can be put on either at home, but in the case of a sew-in wig, if it is not perfectly attached to the wig grip/cap, it will result in more friction and tangles and, ultimately, the life of the wig becomes too short.

  • 6.Production Process

    The lace front wig manufacturing process decides whether it will stay more than a year or up to several weeks only. The aspects to see across:


Unbleached wigs stay longer than bleached wigs because of harsh chemical treatments.

Single or double knots:

Knotting means how the single hair strands attach to the wig’s Lace or base. A single knot means less durability, while double knots mean double security and more life.


Dyed, colored, and wigs with removed cuticles last less ass compared to straight simple wigs.

  • 7.Length and texture of Lace front wig

    Hair texture and length/volume do not affect the wig's life at first hand, but if poorly managed, the life is reversely less. Long and curly hairs have less life than short and straight hairs. The reason behind this is how much anyone loves to primp it.

  • 8.The type of Lace used

    The spell of the Lace front wig is also subject to the lace type used in a Lace front wig. Things relevant to lace material you must know: Swiss Lace: A fragile and lightweight lace that can easily blend with a natural hairline. It melts very soon, and the Lace front wig with Swiss Lace lasts up to 4-6 months. French Lace: French Lace is more durable, thicker, and long-lasting than Swiss Lace but has trouble blending with your skin. HD Transparent Lace: It combines the thinness and clearness of HD lace with the versatility of transparent Lace. An excellent choice to have a seamless look and generally last up to 10-12 months.

  • 9.Color of Lace Front wig

    Hmmm! Do you think how a color effect the life of a wig? Yes! My wig wearer it did. Wigs with lighter colors need more maintenance because of their lighter shade compared to darker wigs that never want too much care. Hence, their life is longer.

How can a Lace Front wig last for a few years? ( Tips & Tricks)

Do you hoard a lot of lace front wigs to elevate your look with an easily blended wig but at the same time persistently try to find out the secret to increase the life circle of your wig? Don’t bother. With the expert’s help, we gather useful tips on making lace front wigs that last longer. Let’s jump in.

  • Your first wig must be cheap.

Yes, you read it right. As a newbie, always buy your first Lace front wig that costs less, but as experienced in managing it can purchase costly ones. It is because, as a first-time user, you can play mishap to your precious weave piece. Don’t be a fool like my friend who, excited to use a Lace front wig for the first time, cuts the Lace to such an extent that it leaves no place to put adhesive, attach it with a wig cap, and destroy her first expensive wig.

  • Avoid Bleach

As we discussed earlier, bleach and dyes give harm to the Lace front wig. If you are searching for matching your scalp and skin color with your knots and lace area, one tip is to apply foundation and blend it. The other options include putting on makeup, eye shadow, or concealer on it.

  • Bonus Tip: Boil the water, add one black tea bag, and let the water cool. Dip a cotton ball and implement it on a lace or knot area. (only in the case of the black wig).

  • Not to wear lace front wig during S, S, S ( sleep, Swim, and Shower)

It is said precaution is better than facing its dire consequences later. If someone asks Can I wear a lace front wig during sleep, swimming, and Showering? We reply No. This wrong practice can make your wig’s life longer, dry, and dull. So, expand your Lace front wig’s life by not experimenting with these silly habits.

  • Bonus Tip: Along with to avoid lace front wig during SSS, also never expose it to direct sunlight and heat.

  • Maintenance (Efforts needed)

This is the part where you have to put in some effort, but do not worry; we have not recommended anything that requires too much work. To make your wig look better and as good as new, you must maintain it properly. There are some steps below that you can follow to ensure that your Lace front wig lasts longer.

  • Moisturizing your wig:

You might be wondering why you need to moisturize your wig. And why is it the first recommendation? If you have a natural hair Lace front wig, you must moisturize it to make it look healthy. Surprisingly, a lot of people need to catch up on this part.

A moisturizer acts as food for the hair; specifically, when you have washed your hair, you need to put on a moisturizer to restore the moisture so your hair does not have to face dryness.

There are a lot of oils and serums out there to moisturize your wig. We recommend you use argan and coconut oil-based serums. You can also apply natural oils to your wig. 

Although lightweight oils are suitable for natural human hair lace front wigs, if you own a synthetic hair wig, avoid applying heavy oils like coconut and caster oil, but try olive oil. Choose smartly and think about the application method and implicated product.

  • Washing your wig:

Washing your wig is essential, but you can keep it dripping with water only sometimes. You only have to wash it occasionally, depending on how often you have used it.

According to our experts, you should wash a synthetic lace front wig once a month, whereas a human hair lace front wig can be cleaned once a week, but it is better if you can drag this duration as your wig will lose its charm after so many washes. 


Now the question arises: how should you safely wash your lace front wig? Well, sit tight! We’ve got some tips for you.

Washing your wig

Tip#1: Your water should be at room temperature. Neither too hot nor too cold.

Tip#2: Do not apply too much pressure on the hair.

Tip#3: Dipping the wig in and out of the water for 30 minutes is much better than rubbing the fibers harshly.

Tip#4: Try using shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate and alcohol-free.

Tip#5: Keep combing your wig gently while washing it so the hair does not get tangled together.

Tip#6: Washing your Lace front wig with baby shampoo is a superb idea that is meant for a baby’s sensitive skin. So, it is 100% safe to apply it at once because it contains mild surfactants ( removes dirt), Glycerine (moisturize skin), Aloe Vera, and Emollient (softens skin) that are a big Ok for your lace front wig.

  • Drying your wig:

A lot of people go with blow-dry as it is the quickest way. However, our personal experiences tell us it is better to avoid blow-drying your wig unless you have an urgency. In that case, we recommend you keep the temperature on the lowest heat settings and keep the dryer at least 3 inches away from the hair.


Drying your Lace front wig is the safest way to dry it overnight. It is time-consuming, but it is worth it, and you will be thanking us later. We’ve got some tips on drying your hair safely, so give them a quick read below:

Tip#1: Try using a microfiber towel to dry your wig so it is not left completely dry. You can wear a soft T-shirt as well. Please go on; try it!

Tip#2: Make sure the hair does not get tangled together and comb it gently.

Tip#3: Do not expose your wig to unnecessary temperature.

  • Storing your wig:

    When you have to store a wig, we recommend you choose a darker place. Worry not! You can allot a specific space in your wardrobe for your wig.

Try getting a wig stand so the hair does not get intertwisted. If not possible, get a wig bag to protect your wig from damage. If you have long hair and there is a high risk of accidental damage, buy a wig’s hanger or hook and store it at a higher place where your children and pets cannot reach.


  • Styling your wig:

While styling your wigs, we recommend not using too much temperature. Do not put harsh hair products on your wig; you will end up with regrets.

You’ll get across a lot of tutorials on how to style your wig. Stay away from hot hair brushes, flat iron, and tongs.

Styling your wig

Tips#1: Investing in pre-styled wigs saves you time and energy and is a barrier to making a shield on your Lace front wig to run longer.

Tip#2: Set the temperature of styling tools to 250-350 Fahrenheit max.

Tip#3: Apply heat protectant (HairUWear Restore Heat Protector) before using the heating tools.

  • Buy a Lace front wig that fits you.

Before owning a Lace front wig, the head’s measurement is too important, which you might also get familiar with. Increasing in wig’s life is possible to purchase a lace wig that fits accurately on your head. If the size is big, the Lace becomes displaced from the forehead in case of minor head movement, and if the wig’s size is too small, hair creates a lot of friction, and chances of breakage are more.

  • Remove the lace front wig attentively.

Applying a Lace front wig is easy, but its removal demands much care. If it is removed with care, means chances of survival are more, and if put off in neglect, it ends too soon. Follow the removal method and enlarge the lace front wig’s life:

  1. Use cotton pads, rubbing alcohol, or Wig adhesive remover and lift the tape from the temple.
  2. Peel it from one ear to the other without aggressive lifting.
  3. Properly clean the lace edges and prepare them for subsequent time usage.
  • Give your lace front wig a rest.

As your violet gets ruined if you carry it 10 hours a day, your Lace front wig may get wear and tear if used daily without any rest. Increasing the life circle of a wig is easy if you have to shuffle between two to three weaves to protect the wig and make it look trendy and modern.


A good few more tips await you like:

  • Pamper your Lace front wig, particularly after six weeks, by trimming the rough area, applying a hair mask, go to a stylist to give styling treatment to heavy-budgeted wigs.
  • Try to present your trendy look inbraids, French ponytails, and crochet braids instead of untie hair because open hair means more tangles and less life.
  • Plough money into awig cap or grip band to save the lace edges. If the lace area gets affected, the whole wig will be a dumb hairpiece only.

Act according to the manufacturer’s instructions prescribed on a wig’s packaging box to enhance its longevity.

How long can you wear a Lace Front wig without taking it off?

Typically, Lace front wigs last for 1-6 months if washed, conditioned, stored, and maintained properly. Despite these things, consider these also:

Short-term glue:

if you attend a party and wanna remove the wig to keep the scalp in the air, short-term glue or tape will stay on your natural hair for up to a few hours to 1 week without taking it off.

Long-term glue:

long-lasting adhesive can last up to 6 weeks even if you put it on your head.

Glueless wig:

some women get scared of the side effects of glue on their skin, so they choose the safest way: a glueless wig that lasts longer for several months.

Sew-in wigs:

 if you don’t want to take your wig off, then this wig is meant for you. Seek an expert’s help clipping or sewing the Lace front wig onto a wig cap and move vibrantly freely, and this wig will last 2-3 weeks.

What happens if you put on a Lace front wig for an extended period?

Excess of everything could not be better. Here are the expected consequences:

  • Your natural and wig hair may get damaged and dry, leading to hair loss or thinning.
  • The skin may get infected due to bacteria and fungus buildup due to excess sweat and moisture.
  • Skin itchiness and burning.
  • A wig may get loose.
  • Unpleasant smell from the scalp and wig.

So, wear a Lace front wig for an expected time or until it looks healthier and better.

Answers to Your Questionnaire

Any difficulties yet and still need answers? We are hither for you.

Do lace Front wigs damage hair?

No, No. Tension Not. It never harms natural hair because the adhesive is applied on a wig cap or on your forehead that can easily be wiped out with an adhesive remover. The short answer is: A lace Front wig is a good idea for getting versatile hairstyles without impairment of natural hair.

How long does a glue or glueless Lace Front wig last?

Glued wig or glueless Lace front wig (tight by clips and straps at the back) can last up to 2-6 weeks. Expanding a wig’s life by avoiding harsh chemicals and washing and storing it is still possible.

Are Lace Front Wigs suitable for sensitive skin?

Lace front wigs are mostly skin-friendly, but they create itchiness, redness, and burning during summer. It is advised to do a patch test of adhesive on your skin to check the skin sensitivity level. The best skin-friendly adhesive I know is Ghost Bond XL Hair Replacement Adhesive.

How long does a 360 Lace Front wig install last/put in place?

A wig with Lace on the front, back, and across the cap is called a 360 lace front wig and is a more admired and flexible choice for contemporary ladies. If heed accurately, the 360 lace front wig lasts up to 2-6 weeks.

Cover It Up

Summing it all together, the age of your Lace front wig depends on how you treat it. If you have followed all the instructions above properly, we assure you that you do not have to stress yourself; your Lace front wig will last longer.

Last, I want to share one expert tip with you ladies: never buy costly Lace front wigs, adhesives, and everything else. Just get inspiration from you-tubers. They all need to be corrected but get sponsorship of that product. Whenever you buy a product, It comes in low quality and serves for less period, unlike promised. Therefore, attest and then think about its lifespan.

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